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Saturday, February 18, 2006

More Of My Favorite Bloggers

As promised I'm delivering more of my favorite bloggers. This is by no means a complete list. I think after this I'm going to do like a blog of the week or something.

Southern Gal - She's been my cyber sistah for years now. She probably knows as much about me as anybody. Her blog is tight. One day you might get celebrity pictures, the next day she might be talking about racial issues, and the next she might be talking relationship issues, and if we're lucky we get to see pictures of her my nephew Omari. He's such a cutie. If you visit her blog ask her a question about music or a movie, I guarantee that she'll know the answer...LOL

TheDalReport - He's been my cyber Big Brutha Dal Almighty for years not too. Dal is a men's style and fashion expert. This brutha also knows his music. He's been trying to get me to listen to smooth jazz, but y'all know I aint having it. His blog is very well done and there's a ton of advice and info on it.. I just want him to remove that moderator options on his post...LOL.

Take It Outside Beyoutch! - She is hysterical! Warning don't drink or eat while reading this blog or you will more than likely spit shyt on your monitor or choke.

LaaLaa - Now y'all know I'm partial to people from the D! I like LaaLaa cause you can tell from her post that she's a genuine sweet person. I also like the variety that she has on her blog.

Na$$ty Girl - I'm not really into the erotic blogs and such, but hers is different. Na$$ty girl is a lady of the evening. She tells the tale of her erotic encounters. One that sticks out in my mind is her getting down with a morbidly obese dude. The way she described his wide tongue just made me want to puke. Her writings just get better and better.

I think this is enough for tonight, but I have many more. I'll post at least a blog a week. I'm always on the hunt for new and intersting blogs.

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