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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Playing The Game

I'm talking about the game of life folks.

The last couple of years I decided to take a break from the fast pace world of "getting ahead". I've been so driven all my life to achieve this and acquire that I've never taken the time to chill and just enjoy what I have. I feel like I've been chasing things for so long that I'm just tired and I wanted to get out of the game and sit out a quarter or two.

Don't get me wrong, sometimes I want to pick that ball up and run with with. A lot of times I look at my house and think to myself, why aren't you living in something bigger? Girl, you know you can afford to move, why not? Why are you driving that kind of truck or car, you know you can get it? Why aren't you pursing that job, you know you can do it? Another one is "You know you need a degree in that too, just go on and get it" or "Just buy you one in every color, it's only money" the list goes on and on. I used to answer and follow the voices in my head (I know you like that Freaky) all the time. They would tell me to something and I would say yes.

At this point in my life I don't feel like I have to try as hard because things are not "out of reach" . I just wish that little voice in my head would SHUT UP!!!!

I used to chase and obtain things for sport, but now I'm a little more thoughtful about it. I look at my quality of life and think how will obtaining these things add to my quality of life and what is it that I really want? What I want is financial security and not to work until I'm 110 years old. What I want is to see the world with me husband. I'm not talking bout little trips here and there, I want to do it big. I was see the Motherland, Go to the real Outback in Australia, take a train across Europe, feed the penquins at the North pole, eat a bowl of fish heads and rice in China (j/k about the fish heads), walk the path of Jesus in Isreal, bring home a handful of sand from arouund the pyramids in Egypt....y'all get the point. When I'm on my deathbed these are the memories I want to have, not what purse I had in 2006 or how I climbed the corporate ladder.

What about you? What do you really want?

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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

101 Things About Me

I was finally moved to do this after reading Nics and Southern Gals. I can’t believe that I got through this list so quickly. I could do another one of these easily.

  1. My sister, my daughter, and my birthday are all one week apart.

  2. I was raised by my grandparents.

  3. I have 85 first cousins.

  4. When I was a teenie bopper, I was highly infatuated with Michael Jackson. The only time I beat my sister in a fight is when she tore down my posters.

  5. Listening to my New Edition tapes got me through some hard times growing up.

  6. I used to be in a loose knit girl gang.

  7. I was a brawler.

  8. I had my last brawl at age 28.

  9. I changed when I got pregnant.

  10. I grew up in a rough neighborhood.

  11. I’ve seen two people get shot.

  12. I’ve saw three dead bodies in my neighborhood growing up.

  13. I got pregnant and gave birth to a baby by my first.

  14. I was in a physically abusive relationship when I was 16 and we were broken up before I turned 17. I would rather die than be afraid of a man. I still don’t understand how older women stay with me who beat them when I could leave one when I was young and naïve.

  15. I’m extremely picky when it comes to men. How they treat me is the most important factor to me.

  16. I won’t be bothered with a jealous man or one that doesn’t handle his business (ALL BUSINESS).

  17. I’ve never had a problem finding a decent man.

  18. When I was single for seven years it was by choice.

  19. I’ve turned down four marriage proposals.

  20. My husband and I are going on our 5th year of marriage.

  21. We’ve had less than 5 real arguments.

  22. None of our arguments have lasted over 5 minutes.

  23. We’ve never called each other a bad name or said anything to blatantly disrespectful or hurtful to each other.

  24. My husband is 7 years younger than me, but he’s an old soul.

  25. We can read each other thoughts.

  26. We can discuss other people without saying a word.

  27. I’m exceedingly judgmental, so if you don’t want my opinion, don’t ask or put it out there.

  28. I hate to be judged or criticized.

  29. I’m my own worst critic.

  30. I feel old.

  31. I purchased my first home when I was 19.

  32. I used to own rental homes.

  33. The older I get, the more phobias I get

  34. Fake nails gross me out now and I used to wear them all the time.

  35. They hold too much stuff down inside them. I think of all the bacteria in them.

  36. I hate to see people in sandals or flip flops with dirty feet.

  37. I constantly check mine to make sure they aren’t dirty…..LOL

  38. I won’t walk past a person if they sneeze. I’ll turn around and go there other way.

  39. I have a loud laugh.

  40. I’m very moody.

  41. I smile a lot.

  42. It’s hard for me to get angry and even harder for me to calm down.

  43. I’m a recovering shopaholic.

  44. I don’t work on anyone’s computer at home no matter how much money they offer me.

  45. I love my cat.

  46. I want a small lap dog, but I don’t think Moe (my cat) will let me.

  47. I love to cook.

  48. Lasagna is my best dish (I think)

  49. I’ve never tasted true slave food (chitlins, pig feet, pig tails, pig ears, cow tongue, hog maws, mountain oysters, etc).

  50. I won’t even try sushi.

  51. Ruth’s Chris is my favorite restaurant.

  52. I eat my steaks medium.

  53. Wendy’s is my favorite fast food restaurant.

  54. I love to travel.

  55. I have two trips booked to go to the Caribbean this year.

  56. I think Southern rap will be the end of hip hop. (Don’t believe me? listen to anything by DL4)

  57. TI, Luda,Young Buck, Trick Daddy and Outcast are the exceptions.

  58. I hate Young Jeezy.

  59. There are no female singers out now that I’m digging, not even Mary J.

  60. I want to buy a bigger house.

  61. I like being a home with nothing to do.

  62. I’m never bored when I’m at home.

  63. I enjoy being home alone.

  64. I want to move to Florida.

  65. I love gardening.

  66. I hate cold weather.

  67. I used to believe I would have more children.

  68. Now that my kids are older, I don’t want anymore children.

  69. I think faster than I type and I type pretty fast. That’s why I make so many typos because I leave out so many words.

  70. I rarely tell my kids no.

  71. I feel so blessed when it comes to my kids and husband.

  72. I see a lot of myself in both my kids.

  73. I don’t wear make-up to work everyday, only lip gloss.

  74. I don’t have time to put it on every morning.

  75. I’m addicted to weave.

  76. I’ve thought about getting locs, but something in me won’t let me do it.

  77. My natural hair isn’t permed.

  78. I’m struggling really hard with my weight.

  79. I used to be able to drop weight easily.

  80. My children are my greatest accomplishment.

  81. I believe that you can achieve anything if you really believe.

  82. I’m a struggling Christian.

  83. I got married the first time for religious reasons.

  84. I believe that Jesus was the son of Christ and I believe in him.

  85. Some of the contradictions in the bible bother me.

  86. I’ve never been in a church that felt 100% real to me. They all have an air of something that’s just not right.

  87. Gospel music touches something deep in my soul.

  88. Some TV preachers scare me. I can’t watch them.

  89. I’ve been addicted to the internet for over 10 years.

  90. I’ve had the same main email address for 10 years.

  91. I have five email addresses that I check daily.

  92. I didn’t eat red meat for 7 years (the whole time I was single).

  93. I don’t do drama.

  94. I’m neither Republican nor the Democrat; believe it or not there is not much difference between the two.

  95. I believe that Ronald Reagan was the worst thing to happen to Black people since slavery.

  96. I don’t buy into that whole Bill Clinton was the first Black president crap. I think Blacks give him too much credit, he never apologized for slavery did he?

  97. I think Bill was a good President, but not a good husband.

  98. I believe in some conspiracy theories. (New Orleans levies blown up, crack purposely put in the Black community, Kennedy and MLK assassinations, AIDS being man made, The United States being run by secret societies)

  99. I have a food fetish. My cabinets have to stay stocked or I panic.

  100. I’ve written many posts for my blog that I didn’t publish.

  101. I have an anonymous blog out there somewhere that I’ll never disclose.

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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

The Hump Day Review

Yesterday I just had to have White Castle's for Dinner. I love those Jalepeno cheeseburgers. I ate three of them and now I have a severe case of the BGs (Bubble Guts). Those things are so good going down, but bad coming out. Why do they smell the same way coming out as they do going in? Something just aint right about these delicious little greasy burgers.

Another reason why I'm giving up clubbing. I snapped this picture last week while I was at Chucks Millionaires Club in Detroit celebrating my girl Skrawberry's birthday. I just can't take the past their prime hoodrats and then men who love them....LOL. Back in the day Chuck's used to be a place where a nice struggling girl could find a generous older "supporter", "booster", or "sponsor". It was a prime Suga Daddy spot, but now all you'll get there is a baby daddy. No thanks.....

Give me a nice bar or lounge and I'm straight.

I went to a meeting at my son's school for the track team, why did only THREE parents show up? There are 40+ kids on the team. I know some parents had to work , but damn.

I have to go to Rockford, IL this weekend. Is there anything fun to do there?

I did a little work on my blog roll. I shortened the blog names so they're easier to read an find, I also removed some dead links.

Check out the new chat box. I copied this from my buddy Mr. Deaky, that 's Mr. Freaky Deaky for y'all that don't know....LOL.

Blogger is still tripping a week later. Damn shame.

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Monday, March 20, 2006

Well HOT DAMN!!!!

I haven't really been able to post in almost week. I also couldn't post comments on other blogs. I was totally jacked up. Now I work with servers, if I let a server stay down as long as the Blogger server was down I would be fired. Google makes too damn much money for this shyt! I mean I know I aint paying for this blog, but damn the disrespect. EVERYBODY else blog working but mine, humph! I've had so much to talk about, but it all escapes me now.....LOL.

Enough of my bytchin. Check out a couple of pics from my boy G's party a couple of weeks ago. I think I'm getting old because I don't enjoy partying as nearly as much as I did in my 20s. I'd rather belly up to a bar in the neighborhood, sip cosmos, and talk shyt with the locals. Clubbing actually bores me. I think it's because I've had a freakin ball, times that can't be duplicated, it's a different world now. Anhwho on to the picutes. I'll post more later (I know I always say that, but this time it really wasn't my fault, blame blogger.)

This is the crew and me chilling with Pittsburgh Steeler (and former Detroit LIons)quarterback Charlie Batch. Yeah we konw we look hot and greasy in this pictures, but in our defense it was 200 degrees in that place!

Charlie Batch is such a nice guy and a cutie too. Shoot, if it was 10 years ago, I might be making a different post about Charlie *wink*.

I had to give Tee her own picture since she was blocked out of the other one. Tee is so darn funny. Whenever we're out a we meet a cutie pie celebrity, she's the first one to snuggle in and get comfortable. I should start an internet rumor and say this is a picture of Charlie Batch and his wife....LOL. They do make a cute couple, don't y'all think so?

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Congratulations Dre!

Just wanted to send out a big congratulations to my son Dre and his 3 teammates for coming in 3rd Place in the statewide indoor track finals in the 4X2. My boy ran a 22!!!!!!!! Outdoor starts this week and we're off to a good start. Let's cross our fingers for a scholarship.

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Thursday, March 16, 2006


I have my camera back finally!!!!!!

Can mother get her camera or her pictures? I really need them!!!!!!

(Sorry blogland, but she was supposed to have them to me MONDAY!!!!!!)

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My blog has been down for over 24 hours. Darn Blogger!

Now read the post below....LOL.

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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

What About Your Friends?

When I was in my twenties I was very particular about meeting new female friends. I had been burned so much by other females when I was in my late teens/ early twenties that I had pretty much given up on women as friends all together, perhaps I'll tell the stories one day. Most of my friends in my twenties were males or my family. I did manage to meet two women that I consider my best friends, even my sisters during my twenties, but I definitely didn't take to them too quickly. I happened to work with them for six years and the friendships built gradually.

Within the last few years I've been open and even persued friendships with females. Most of the recent (last five years) friendships have been successful because I've learned to follow some rules.

Here are my rules for picking friends/associates or whatever people want to call them.
1. Are they close to their families? Does their mother like them?
2. Do they have female friends already?
3. Do we have similar goals and ideology? Diversity is great, but you have to have something in common.
4. Are they clingy? (This is a very important one for me)
5. Don't speak on their man. Unless that man is beating the shyt out of them my lips are sealed unless of course they ask me. Now if you ask I'm more than willing to give my two cents....LOL. I really don't care if they listen or not, I just like sharing my opinion. When you start caring you're asking for trouble. I can't get caught up in anyone's business but my own.
(It's funny, I'm not like that with my male friends. I'll give them my two dollars worth on their females...LOL. They don't take it like women.)

Here are my rules for keeping them.
1. Mind my own business. It's ok to discuss each others problems and challenges (believe me I will give my two cents), but once a person has made up their minds. I let them be at peace with their decision even if it's not the decision I would have made.
2. Let that person be themselves. The worst thing is to be around a person and feel like you can't be yourself. You do you and I'll do me.
3. Be the friend that I want them to be to me.

These three are pretty much all you need. If you go pass that, shyt just gets complicated.

Now I've made bad choices before in picking "friends". One in particular was a disaster. Everyone hated this particular girl and I always root for the underdog. Although this girl was annoying as fukk I tried being friendly with her and to make a long story short I got sucked in. She ended up moving to out of state, but later made a play for my husband, which he told me about (perhaps I'll tell this story another time, it really bores me now). My MIL met her once and instantly hated her. She couldn't wait to tell me "I told you so". That was the end of my picking up "strays", never again. Maybe I should let my MIL meet all my friends and let her give them her stamp of

Black women have a history of not being able to get along and being true friends to each other. I think that we can change that perception.

What are you requirement for friendships?
What type of boundaries do you have with your friends?

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Blog Of The Week

The Blog of the week goes to (drumroll....)
It's actually MC Hammer himself blogging. He's talking about pretty much the same stuff that most bloggers blog about life, family, work, etc. He also post pictures of his travels and family. It's pretty cool. If you know of any "real" celebrity blogs let me know.

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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

The RIP Post

Gordon Parks
1912 - 2006

This past week the African American Community lost a great man, Gordon Parks. I had heard Gordon Parks here and there growing up, but I stumbled upon his greatness by accident. I was dating this guy who lived out of town. He came to town one weekend and I was trying to impress him by showing culture. I decided to take him to the Detroit Institute of Arts because I had read about the Gordon Parks exhibit. I'm an art lover, but not an expert. I buy whatever I like and I can only interpet the meaning to me. One day, I'll post some of my favorite pieces. I know, I'm always promising shat....LOL. I have lots of art throught my house and even more in the basement, my love of art gives me my culture, because my musical tastes are in the gutter. Any who, back to Gordon. His photos BLEW me away! Very riveting and thought provoking.
Here's a short bio on Gordon Parks that doesn't do him justice:
Gordon Parks (Nov. 30, 1912- March 7, 2006) was a photographer, writer, film director, composer, and musician. His works document the 20th century and have been seen by millions of people around the world. Parks was the youngest of 15 children, born to impoverished parents in Kansas. Parks was the first African-American photographer to work at Life magazine and Vogue magazine. He wrote 12 books, produced many documentaries and Hollywood films (including Shaft), produced, directed, and scored a major Hollywood film (The Learning Tree, 1960), wrote a ballet about Martin Luther King (called Martin), and composed other music (including a symphony, a concerto, blues and other popular songs).

This one was called American Gothic. Taken in 1944.

Ali, of course

This is Mr Parks on a visit to Detroit Cass Tech High in 1999.

Mr. Parks Celebrating his 90th birthday with fellow photographers.

Mr. Parks directing Shaft.

Do youself a favor and learn more about about Gordon Parks and his work. I already have his memoirs on the way.

Check him out on Wikipedia

Check out the Gordon Parks Center

Check out his photography

I was going to make a small post about one of the greatest rappers of all time Mr. Christopher Wallace, but someone it didn't seem right on the same post as Mr. Parks. Biggie a life cut too short and Mr. Parks a long productive life.

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Monday, March 06, 2006

Hodge Podge

This post is hodge podge and it makes no sense.

I know I'm supposed to post pictures of my Florida trip, but there's once problem. I don't know where the hell my camera is! It's lost in my house. I told y'all I need a housekeeper! My girl Raven and I are going on operation Consuela this weekend. I'm determined to find the missing link in my life!

I've had a headache all day because somebody at work decided to wear some STANKIN azz musk like cologne or perfume. I don't know who it was, but I was on the hunt for their stankin azz. Why do people feel the need to bath in perfume or cologne at work? The shyt is unprofessional and rude. There are people in this world that are allergic or asthmatic, we can't handle it.

Why do senior citizens insist on shopping at night? They have from 9 to 5 to do whatever the fukk they want to do. Can we working stiffs have the store to ourself from 5 to 8? If I was retired there is no way I would want to deal with traffic and shyt.

Why do people wear dirty contacts? Walking around looking like they have a severe case of hepatitis. I really hate to see it with color contacts.

3 6 Mafia scares me. I really believe they are devil worshipers.

Why are there so many non-believers now days? I respect everyones right to choose, but growing up I didn't know any Blacks that weren't Christians or Muslim. Now you see us dabbling in everything or nothing at all.

Why don't online dating work for Black folks? Everyone Black person I know that seriously tried it including myself got played. White folks meet their soulmates online then get married and live happily ever after

Will I ever love exercising? How long does it take?

I really believe my cat would eat me if he could. It's the strange way he looks at me sometimes.

The ABC's Of Me:

Accent: I have a distingishable midwest twang.
Bra size : 40D (The hormones are making the twins grow)
Chore I hate: I hate the ALL!!!! Consuela where are you?
Dad's name: Lenny
Essential make-up: Prescriptives Lip Gloss
Favorite perfum: I don’t’ wear it. I’m allergic. I do like The Body Shop products though.
Gold or Silver: Platinum
Hometown: The Motor City, The “D”, Detroit
Insomnia: Yes, on and off
Job Title: CIO (Chief Information Officer) – One day y’all wait and see! It’ll be me.
Kids: Daughter, 19 a freshman in college that don’t have time for her mother. Son, 16 that has too much time for his mother.
Living Arrangement: Married
Mom's Birthplace: Detroit
Number of Sexual Partners: It all depends on your definition of sexual. Does it include the Clinton definition?
Overnight Hospital Stays: Yes and hopefully never again!
Phobia: SNAKES! I can’t even look at snakeskin shoes!
Quote: “What The Fuck”
Religion: Christianity
Siblings: 1 Whole Sister, 2 whole Brothers, 2 half sisters, 2 half brothers
Two I'm tagging: Err’body that reads this that haven’t done it yet.
Unnatural hair colors I've worn: RED! My Black azz was wrong!
Vegetable I refuse to eat: Asparagus – I don’t know why, it just doesn’t look appealing.
Worst habit: Impulse buying
X-rays: A couple of months ago.
Yummy foods: Too many to name and that’s the problem!
Zodiac sign: Aquarius

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