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Saturday, December 31, 2005

Happy New Years

Happy New Years Everyone!
Holla at you in 2006!!!!
Peace, Love, and Happiness to you all

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Thursday, December 29, 2005

Book Club

MCHG is pondering her life in the New Year. I need more contructive outlets than my usual boozing, partying, shit talking, and chronic internet surfing. I plan to take some classes and become very familiar with my local gym and sanctuary. In addition to that I'd like to start a book club. I'm game for one that can take place in person and one that can take place online. If you're interested in starting one with me. Let me know so we can get this ball rolling.

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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Kenya Moore Responds To MCHG!!!!!!!

(OMG!!! I received this email from someone who said they are Kenya Moore. It includes verifying information. Here it is in its entirety!!!!)

Hey Girl and fellow Detroiter!

Just wanted to say this is NOT a joke and this is my real email address
please do not print it in anyway. Just wanted to say HELLLLLL NOOOOOO
I am
not married to, engaged to, or even talking to Isaac Hayes, in fact
been dating someone for 3 years and it sure ain't him.

Don't know where crazy rumors start but the only time I ever SAW/met
him was
about 6 years ago I went to the Academy Awards with him. What was
crazy is
that I didn't know him then either and I had a boyfriend at the time
encouraged me to go so I wouldn't miss out on the once in a lifetime
I met Mr. Hayes during a radio interview in NY and he asked me after.
never went on any subsequent dates. I think because I am never
photographed with anyone (man on a date) that this is the only picture
anyone could dig and find with me and a guy. So I guess people just
they need to make up stuff.

Thanks for being cool. And good luck with your site. Mine is located
at and it will be up on my birthday January 24, 2006

Happy New Year God Bless

Kenya Moore

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First, Last, Now


First Job:  Working for a auto supplier in a union shop.  It was 1988 and I was making $10.50 an hour.  That was big bank back then.  The work was so dirty, boring, and repetitive I knew I had to get an education.

First Screen Name:  Sweet T.  I used to love the rapper Sweet T, very few people knew where I got the name from.  I used to go on the Palace and have a good old time.  I think I used to kick it on there for 24 hours straight.

First Funeral:  The owner of the corner store son.  I was about 4 years old and I remember he got shot in a robbery.  That was back when Black folks owned stores in Detroit.  Now they are all owned by Arabs.

First Pet:  Domino.  He was a pure bred German shepherd.  I used to get teased about how we would share bottles when I was a baby.  Domino lived to be 19.

First Piercing:  My ears at 6 weeks old.  I pierced my daughters at the same age.

First Tattoo:  It’s a flaming heart with my mother’s name it.  I got it while my mother was fighting cancer.

First Credit Card:  Mejer Jewelry Store

First Kiss:  I really hate to admit this and I hope no one in my family reads this.  Jason C.  He was cute back then….LOL.

First Enemy:  Bridgette Horton!  We used to fight all up and down our street from the age of 7 until 13.  After that I was much too cute to fight.  That heffa took my first real boyfriend from me too.  She was definitely a ho and was giving it up years before I even thought about.  


Last car ride:  Today.  My husband took me out to dinner or shall I say forced me out.

Last kiss:  Today.  My husband of course.

Last Movie Watched:  Mr. and Mrs. Smith – 4 Stars check it out

Last Beverage Drank:  Lemonade from Olgas

Last Phone Call:  My girl Raven.

Last Time Showed:  This Morning

Last CD listened to:  New Edition Greatest Hits.  My little niece Tootie gave it to me for Christmas


Last Website Visited:  I’m addicted

Single or Taken:  90% happily married.  I keeps it real…LOL

Gender: Female

Birthday:  Feb 7th.  Buy me something

Sign:  Aquarius

Hair color:  1B (weave folks know what I mean)

Siblings:  1 Sister, 2 brothers, 2 half sisters, 2 half brothers (Papa was a rolling stone)

Eye Color:   Dark Brown

Wearing:  Powder blue flannel PJs

Drinking:  Nothing, but I am thirsty

Thinking about:  Reading this book The Warmest December

Listening To:  The local news on TV

I tag my buddies AKG, TLC, and DalTee.

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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Maxing and Relaxing

Christmas wore me out! I'm tired than a $2 whore on the 1st of the month.

First off, I'm going to be fast and go shopping on Christmas Eve with my shopaholic girlfriend. I wasn't in the store for 10 minutes before I had to go back to the car and have a seat. I got tired just that fast. Later that night my cousin came over to give me a sew-in weave. I went ahead and spent money on the expensive hair this time. Cheap weave hair is the worst! It sheds everywhere, loses it luster, and then turns to straw on you. I love the Bohemian no cuticle stuff, it stays fabulous. You'll grow dreads waiting on this stuff to go bad. One day I go back to wear my own hair, but right now I'm having fun!

Christmas Day we had dinner at my in-laws. Since I no longer had the county braids in my hair, I wanted to look hot. My daughter gave me the cutest outfit for Christmas, so I decided to wear that and of course I had to put on some high heeled boots right? Well I shouldn't have....LOL. I was huffing and puffing trying to keep it together. At least I looked good. To top it off my husband insisted that I wear my Fox jacket that he got me for Christmas (that's right real fur, PETA can kiss my azz. I live in Detroit, we believe in wearing dead animals!) That thing has to wear 25lbs! I put it on and I could feel pain in my incision. I made him carry it. It was just too heavy. I have three weeks before I'm back to work. I've got to get myself together.

Yesterday and today I've been on my cat's schedule. More sleep than awake, he's loving it too, he likes to have someone to sleep with him. I can't shake this feeling of exhaustion that has come over me the last couple of days.

One good thing is my concentration is getting better. I've manage to read two books, "Leaving Cecil Street" 4 stars by Diane McKinney Whetston and "Genevieve" by Eric Jerome Dickey 2 stars. I also watched Mr. and Mrs. Smith 4 stars. I wonder what would have been made of the film if they used Black couples? Would there have been boycotts? If you have suggestions for books and movies let me know. Amazon is my best friend right now.

I've also been reading a ton of blogs. Check out Big Brother Daltee Almighty. He's new on the scene, but very enjoyable. We've been cyper pals for three years now and he's mad cool. It's night and I'm wide awake now, let me go check out the "scene" and see what's happening on the www.

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Saturday, December 24, 2005

Merry Christmas

I just wanted to wish each and everyone a very Merry Christmas. May the peace and love of Christ visit each and every household not just tonight, but every night. Take time out of your busy day tomorrow and thank GOD for the gift of his son Jesus!

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Hey C10

I just wanted to give you a world wide shout out. Merry Christmas my Brooklyn Sistah. I'm posting your picture so you'll be famous all over the world now girl!

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Thursday, December 22, 2005

It's A Celebration...

In celebration of my new look. I thought I do a picture post.

This picture will go down in the H.A.M. hall of fame. I'm so tired of these heffas leaving the house ASHY! It's a NO NO ladies. I'm giving Shar a bottle of Olive Oil and Kheri lotion. All she has to do it mix one part both and I guarantee it will chase the ash off your ass. Speaking of ass, why the hell would you pose for a booty shot if you aint got not? She know she suffers from Noassatall disease. Is is me or does she have the Sponge Bob shape going on? Just a mess!

EWWWWW!!! Just nasty. She should close her eyes with her mouth open that wide.

It's look like Jerry Garcia threw up on Toccara.
Dress and hair a H.A.M.. I like the pose though.
Somethings different about Remy's face. Hmmmm.....
The Apprentice, not Apprenti winner Dr. Randall Pinkett and his wife Zahara Wadud-Pinkett. Check out Dr. Pinkett's website. Without getting into all the controversy. Dr. Pinkett was right, Trump was wrong, and Rebecca "Ho sit down"! My girl Queen Pen from back in the day. My Jam was "A Party Aint A Party". It's hard out there for the female rapper no days.
See, I told y'all Maxwell wasn't gay, here he is with a woman.....LOL. I miss the wild Afro on him too. He look rather, ok I said I wouldn't refer to Blacks with that word.
Speaking of, ok I can't use that word. I'm a little preoccupied with Mannie Fresh. I heard he had Super Sized daddy parts. Why is it when you hear those rumors the man becomes very intriguing?
I'm sure most of you have seen this picture by now. It's Lisa Bonet's and Lenny Kravitz daughter getting blitzed. I sure hate to see this and hope they get help for her. She's only 16 and I really wish her the best.
Poor thing hitting the Old E. I didn't know they still made it. I don't talk about folks kids so I'm moving on....
I know y'all seen this picture of Monique at Richard Pryors funeral. She looks a mess. I hate when people where bright colors to funerals. I hate it more when people don't shave their legs. Why does she have on gray shoes? Damn girl!
Diana really over did the whole black thing. I think Richard tapped that.
Who is this with Joe Jackson? Is it his love child? Let me know.
The lace front wigs aren't just for the sisters. Gwen rocks them too.
Bre from ANTM looks hot in this picture. Who says she can't model high fashion couture?
I just couldn't believe this was my childhood idol Jayne Kennedy looking so frumpy. I know you're a wife andmother Jayne, but there is never excuse for being frumpy. I don't care how old, fat, skinny, pretty, or ugly frumpiness is a No No!
Nik giving them drama in this picture. I was never a Nik fan ANTM, but she's got the look in this picture.
Did y'all see that train wreck, Christmas with the Brown's last night? I was embarrassed when their dumb asses were dancing to the carolers! That was too much playing. I just hope this is photoshopped and not real blood in Bobby's nose.
Caption This Picture!
It's good to see 50 smiling again.
He looks happy for once.
Do y'all know who this is? It's my boy AZ, Y'all do know nothing about AZ son!!! What y'all know about The Firm?

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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Stop Blinking

You're in the right place! My darling daughter gave me a new look. If you didn't know that's the Detroit Skyline you're looking at. Not too shabby huh?

I could have done it myself, but I'm too lazy doing nothing. Too bad she's premed because she'd been great in IT. She's great with everything that has to do with information technology, web, support, etc. I just don't see a big future for the IT industry in the states with our job going to India. Anywho, let me know how you like it.

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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Now That's Ghetto!

I'm not a bourgie or 'boo g" by any means, ok maybe I am a little. I tolerate a lot, but I will not tolerate straight out ghettoness(I know it aint a word) in my own damn house! My darling husband made baked fish for dinner. Well I needed a little hot sauce on the fish (don't start, hot sauce is not ghetto!!!), DH (dear husband for the clueless) gave me the hot sauce bottle. WHY did a nucca put water in the bottle? I think my heart skipped a beat and my blood pressure rose instantly! I wanted to jump and an throw the bottle against the wall and tip over the table. I was out for blood. I don't play that. I hate for a nucca to make a ghetto azz substitution in my house. Don't wipe you azz with Kleenex, go down the basement and get some toilet paper out the pantry, I NEVER run out of toilet paper.

Don't get me wrong I grew up in the hood. Shoot my friends ate ketchup, syrup, and mayonaise sandwiches. My Granny didn't play that shit! I don't give a damn how tight things got, she bet not catch your azz eating a meatless sandwich unless it was PBJ. And Sugar water? You bet not even think about. Nor could we put sugar on our grits and rice. My Granny said that only drug addicts kids did that. I cringe to this day when my son put sugar on his grits, but I know his parents aint drug addicts so it's cool, I still don't like it. I equate thinning hot sauce and ketchup on this level on ghettoness. I have a grocery shopping fetish and I don't run of common everyday shyt so it's no excuse, folks to damn lazy to dig for shyt in this house. I know it was one of my children that did it and I bet not find out which one. They are going to catch the wrath on BooGee mama.

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Sunday, December 18, 2005


I just didn't want to go too many days without posting, but lately I've been uninspired. I'm so bored, but I know it's important that I rest during my recovery. So I decided to share with y'all a list of stuff I could be doing instead of doing nothing.

  • Making a website for my social club. I need to have this done by our first January meeting.
  • Doing a FAFSA for my husband and me. Although we have tuition reimbursement through our employers, I just want Uncle Sam to know there are THREE people in the house in school. It probably won't make a bit of difference. You know if you make any kind of money they don't want to give you jack! I'm hoping that it'll help my daughter get a grant or two. She got a full tuition scholarship and some other little ones, but room and board is super expensive. I want this girl out of my pocket!! I need all the money for son, bless his heart.
  • Studying for this HP certification that I need for work. That stuff puts me to sleep immediately. I rather rack up degrees tha to get certs. IT folks know what I mean.
  • Watching all these movies I purchased pre-surgery so I wouldn't be bored.
  • Reading the books I purchased pre-surgery so I wouldn't be bored.
  • Calling family and friends that I NEVER have to time to call.
  • Giving myself a manicure. The cuticles are out of control.
  • Reading my bible and studying up on some things.
  • Organizing my lingerie drawers. They are out of control.
  • Reading my mail for the last three weeks.
  • Taking these jailhouse braids out of my hair. I look like I've been in the county for three weeks.
  • Clipping my cat claws. It hurts when he walks across my lap.

I'm sure there are many more things that I need to be doing, but right now Judge Joe Brown is on . Yawn.......

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Saturday, December 17, 2005

My boredom Is Your

Entertainment. I just thought I'd share a few things from my all night web surfing.

Why didn't Santa Clause look like this in my neighborhood. Hell I would have been good ALL year just so he could come down my chimney and stuff my..........

Just when I was getting used to the idea of "man velvet" Usher comes along and messes it up. Must you wear Satin on your man velvett? And what's with the motorcycle gloves. Usher is getting more and more "prettier" everyday.
Why when we talk about Black couples that stand the test of time these two, Holly Robinson and Rodney Peete are never mentioned? For the Detroiters, do y'all remember when he was a Detroit Lion?
Fantasia and her cute little daughter Zion on the Tea cups at Disney.
Slim Thug (Is it me or his braids really thin?), LaTavia Roberson and LeTavia Luckett, Y'all know the girls that got kicked out of Destiny's Child. I heard that Slim Thug and La Tavia are dating. Wasn't he married whenhe first came out?
Ralph Tresvant and Shar Jackson. Ralph better stand back, you know she'll get pregnant if you breathe on baby making self hard. Ralph has an album dropping in February, he's starting to look like my drunk uncle and Shar has aon a little too much MAC #20 powder.
I have a friend that this condom dress would make the perfect gift for. Don't act like y'all don't have one that could use it.

Well, I think those were just rumors about Isaac Hayes and Kenya Moore. This is Isaac and his wife Abjowa. They are expecting his 12th child. Mo' power to them.
Serena, Serena, Serena! She is just going to take the H.A.M. female of the year right out of Vivica's hand. There is just so many things wrong here, but right now I can't get past her ashy azz legs and feet!!! I'm a chocolate girl too and I know we need EXTRA moisture. Add a little olive oil and Kheri lotion together serena, you'll be shining like a penny girl....LOL.
I know this alien like picture of Brandy has been going around for a minute, but I just wanted y'all to see it before I told y'all about her new hair line of hair weave. Who the hell would want to buy weave from Brandy? Check it out here. I aint mad though, make your money girl.
I don't where this excerpt came from, but the comments speak for themselves. Dennis really needs to stop and let the light go out on his fading star.
I got this card from my girl Renay. I really don't want them to do another joint album. The first one SUCKED and that play that they did together "The Things That Lovers Do" was the worst freakin piece of trash that I'd ever paid to see. Words can't describe how awful it was, I wanted to bust somebody head for my money back. Anywho, I used to be a big Chante fan and lately she's been very disappointing.
No, your eyes don't decieve you. That is Damon Dash and his wife Rachel. He looks like one of my college professors. The bald head with fuzz around the size, the over size square frame glasses, the sweater vest and tie, yep I think Dame taught my Java class.

I don't like to call Black folks monkeys or any other kind of primate, but Golden Brooks here looks like the female ape on Planet of the Apes. I want people to just so NO to veneers, hers are just hideous!!!! Mya would be appalled.

Here are a few other interesting things I came across today.

This website is funny you can make Santa do anything. Thanks to my country cuz for sending it to me. Check it out.

I'm not going to tell y'all who sent me this link, I don't want y'all Tookie lovers hunting her down. I found this EXTREMELY funny and I don't care if you get mak. Check it out here.

See what happens when you play jingle bells backwards. It satanic. Click here.

When I'm feeling depressed I go to Crunk and Disorderly and look at the Tupac memorial statue. It makes me burst my stitches. Check it out here.

This is so disgusting it left my mouth open for 10 minutes. ****DO NOT OPEN AT WORK OR NEAR CHILDREN*** If you are squeamish and don't like nudity or nasty stuff don't look. Click here

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Missing Black Saturday

I’m a feeling so depressed right now.  Since I’m on the mend and walk so slow that an old man with a walker came whizzing by me yesterday when I went to my post surgery follow up appointment I can’t go out shopping.  This is the week where I’m usually in all my shopping glory.  The Saturday before Christmas I would usually get up early, go to breakfast and hit every mall and strip mall in a 50 mile radius.  This year I can’t do that.

My husband felt sorry for me and knew something was wrong when I went and got in the bed and pulled every blanket I could find over my head.  He tried to encourage me to get up and get dressed and he would go shopping with me.  I pulled the covers off my head and gave my best “whatcha talking bout Willis” look.  This is a man who doesn’t believe in shopping at any store that isn’t connected to computers, electronics, or home improvement.  If it aint Best Buy, Comp USA, Lowes, or Home Depot he aint going in there without bytchin up a storm.  He laid out my clothes and tried to coax me out the bed.  I wasn’t having it though.  I wanted to just lay in my misery.  I knew I couldn’t power shop and hit a store every ten minutes.  I was also afraid that I might over do it and make myself sick.  I had a really rough night last night, but I really don’t want to revisit that right now, just say I’m drinking plenty of water.

I’ve tried shopping online, but it just doesn’t give you the same kind of rush that looking cut off folks for parking spaces, taking cuts in line, and stealing stuff out of other people carts give you.  Hopefully, I’ll be able to get out one day next week and do a little shopping.  I have to find me a mall that rent those electric scooters.  Y’all know I aint shame to ride on one!!!!!

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Friday, December 16, 2005

Michael Ealy

He's my crush of the month. It's true, I'm sweet on Halle's man. Folks always excuse me of having a fixation on "light-skindaded" men, but that aint true, well it is in this case. I've been watching his new show Sleeper Cell, that come on Showtime and he is so sexy in this show. He was getting it on with a woman and I was sitting there salvating, his pretty azz got some moves. I watched 5 episodes in a row (well I aint got shyt else to do, it's only so much surfin you can do in a day) and then that damn On Demand went on the blink, I was madder than a muthasucka. Well I called Comcast today and I waiting on it to come back on now! I need my Pretty Ricky fix!!!!

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Thursday, December 15, 2005

My Pussy....

Cat! Y'all nasty. What did you think I was talking about? Meet my Kitty Cat Moe. I adopted him from the Michigan Humane Society when he was 5 months old, he's now 5 years old. He's a spoiled mess! Every since I've been off he's been following me around every where I go. Aint he cute?

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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Whew! Finally A Pictorial!

I"ve been trying for three days to get these pictures posted!!! Blogger has been acting a damn fool on me. It looks like I have it now and it's actually smaller than before because it gave me a headache.

This is a candid photo of Vivica without her war paint on. She actually looks younger and prettier without it.

It's my girl Kimora and the awful fashion victims, The Williams Sisters. They actually piss me off because they NEVER represent, they always look terrible. Back to Kimora, Did yall see her and Russle's house on cribs? It was off the chain. I want to be like her and have a guy hired only to coordinate my closet. You go girl!

Stevie Wonder and his darling little son Kailand.
A blast from the past. Star Jones has really come a long ways! The only thing she didnt lose was the big azz noggin of hers!!!
Shaq and his adorable wife Shaunie. They are expecting their 6th child, the both have one each prior to thier marriage. Yeah, thats Vivica messing up the picture.
My girl AKG passed this rumor on to me. Kenya Moore and Isaac Hayes are supposedly expecting together and getting married.
Kenya is fromDetroit so if its true, I aint saying shes no golddigger, but she aint messing with no broke...... Meet The Hamiltons!!! I just wanted my girl Ki to know what her future inlaws look like and how her kids are going to look....LOL!
Jamie Fox looks like he's ready to bust all kinds of slop with Michele Williams.
Macy Gray looks healthy and Sober on this picture, I'm happy for her. Angie is aging really fast.
Lauryn has been looking such a mess since her "return". I guess I don't miss her as much as I thought I did.
Kells and his lovely wife Andrea.
Game really needs to find a new hobby other than hating 50. It's really taking a toll on his psyche. He already signed the picture, but he had to go back and write F*ck 50 on it. Get a life Game.
What do you think Game is praying for? I bet it has something to do with 50.

Here's my girl Free! Alive and well and not PREGNANT! I just cant look at a pictures of Big Tigger. I just think of him being spread wide open like a cauliflower...sheesh!
EnVogue is back and they are not very "Vogue". I always set low expectations for groups on the come back. 99.99% of the time they can never rekindle the magic.
Poor Retha! She's become the laughing stock of the internet. I think Donna Richardson pictured here with her husband Tom Joyner should stage an intervention. Come on ReRe you're in your 60s now. Aint no need for all that!
Chris Rock better be careful hanging out with Eddie Murphy. Y'all know how rumors get started. I wold love to see Eddie do stand up again. He's a funny MFer on the stage. Y'all don't know nothing about RAW!
Envogue and Vivica. I swear that heffa is everywhere!
Speaking of interventions, Brandy looks horrid! Po thang, I fell so sorry for her. Also someone needs to tell Mya, just cause you got good hair, you still need to comb it!
Damon Dash and his lovely family. His daughter is such a cutie.
LISTEN UP!!! I want this coat for Christmas. If you've seen it anywhere let a sistah know. Anybody that knows me, know this is me 1001%. I need to strut my stuff in this.
I won't be mad if I got the bag too!
Finally. WTF is going on with Serena? Although she is a fashion disaster, she always had a sick body. She needs to slowdown on the partying and get back in shape. This is unacceptable!

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