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Sunday, December 17, 2006

Tis The Season.....

for dying.

I got a phone call on Friday night that a friend had lost his 17 year old daughter. It appears that she caught a virus or the flu and just died. I am heartbroken. It seems so unfair that someone so young life could end so suddenly. I remember when my nephew killed himself at age 3 by playing with a loaded gun some of the words the Pastor (who is my cousin shared). He said that he believes in good infinite wisdom. That we he allows a child to die, it's because he's saving the child and those who love the child from tragic unseen heartache. I know some say what could be more tragic than death, but those of us who have been through something know there are things. He knew something about the child that if given a future would have been too much to bear.

All I know that GOD has to have a reason for upsetting the natural order of things and we have to pray for understanding. Please say a prayer for my friend and his family. They'll need it.

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