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Monday, October 31, 2005

50's Get Rich or Die Trying VIP Premier

I'm a little upset because Young Buck sexy azz aint in none of these pictures, but I'll post them anyway for the 50 fans.

Usher "I'm over exposed" Raymond and 50. Why do they have on so many clothes. I wonder if it's cold in the theater?

There's a lot of money and power in this picture Jay-Z and Russell Simmons (They have on coats too).

Naomi and 50. I'm really not feeling that color on her. For some reason I think they'd make a good couple. What y'all think? She's crazy and he's ingnant...LOL

It's Diddy baby!

50 and Gary Sheffield

I wonder what he's thinking about?

Gary and his wife Deleon (she was the one getting freaky on film with R. Kelly back in the day, she was also a gospel singer).

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Shante Broadus 30th Birthday Party

Hmmm the last thing I heard about The Broadus clue they were barely back together. It seemed like Snoop had that it's cheaper to keeper attitude and Shante had that I'm rich regardless attitude, but it's seems like that's all behind them now.

Nice cake.
Homegirl got at 20KT diamond count em necklace for her B-day. Well alright then girl!
Uncle Charlie Wilson, Shante, and Unknown White Woman.
Snoop is high as hell! Aren't they a lovely couple in their money green?

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Rosa Parks 1913 - 2005

I'm going to do a separate post on the memorial service for Mrs. Parks after they all conclude. Here are some pictures from her life and times.
A young Rosa and an unamed young man.

A fitting first photo. Rosa giving Pope John Paul II a copy of her book. Two great icons, may they both rest in peace.

Photo of Rosa riding a bus.

Rosa and her mother.

Al Gore, Carolyn Cheeks-Kilpatrick (Kwame's mom) giving Rosa the Congressional Medal of Freedom.
Nelson Mandela, Rosa Parks, and Winnie Mandela.Jesse Jackson and Rosa, he definately wasn't worthy!
Rosa and Congressman John Conyers (whom she work for) and the late Chicago Mayor Harold Washington.
Rosa and Al Gore again.
Very nice portrait of Ms. Parks
Rosa and Dr. King. Both are "Free At Last".
Two great women. Rosa Parks and Corretta Scott King.
Rosa and a Vietnam Veteran who gave her his purple heart after she was robbed during a home invasion in Detroit. She was later moved into a safer condo in Downtown Detroit.
Rosa and Honorable Coleman Young, the first Black Mayor of Detroit.
Rosa's bus on display at Greenfield Village.
Rosa Parks and Bill Clinton.

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Sunday, October 30, 2005

Hey Y'all

Had a busy day today, so I didn't get to post anything. I working on a Rosa Parks tribute so if you have any pictures to contribute let me know. I should have it finished tomorrow. I'm a little pissed because Desperate Housewives is a rerun tonight!

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Saturday, October 29, 2005

Some Stray Pics

I've got to get my mind off Brad, so let me post some stray pics I have. I need to clean up all these pics off my hard drive because I've promised some folks some post. If you have a request let me know. Also don't be afraid to post comments. I love feedback, good or bad.

Karrine "Superhead" Steffans still chasing dough huh? I thought she was so rich with this multi-million dollar book deal she has so why is she spreading her azz all over smooth then? I must say, ole girl has technique though. You had to see the video of her and Mr. Marcus and you'll know what I'm talking 'bout!

Young Jeezy deadbeat dad azz performing at Howard's homecoming.

Remember Six from Blosso? I can't think of her name on the Parkers, but her real name is Jenna Van Oy, this girl needs some work cause she's two steps from the pole.
Choppa, Young City, dirty boy, whatever his name is performing at Howard's Homecoming.
Mike Tyson and some dumb azz woman. He's broke, crazy, a woman beater, why the fugg would anybody want to be bothered?

Keisha Knight Pulliam. Here's a little career advise for Keisha, stay out of rap videos! Russell Simmons, unknown white dude and Nikki D. . Remember her? "Daddy's Little Girl"? She was the first female rapper on Def Jam. When they found her she was homeless and living on the streets, I think she still works for Russell.
This is from B's Vanity Fair shoot. That's how a weave posed to look B!

Another shot from B's Vanity Fair shoot. Why stars have to carry around a mutt with them everywhere they go? I aint hating though, I wish I could take Moe places.....LOL.

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I Must Confess......

I'm in luv with Brad Pitt! I always thought he was cute, but last week I had a dream about him and I didn't won't to wake up and then last night I had another one...WTF??? Ok Renay, I know he's your man so did get mad at me, but he's chasing me in my sleep okkkkaaayyy? Anywho, I decided to watch Troy today and DAAAYYYYUUUMMM I'm sitting here mesmorized, the last man to get me excited like that was Brian P. and that's his job....LOL. I kept pausing on the part we he was almost, this is one hot freakin white boy that can definately get it! I was panting like a dog the whole time watching this movie. Let me put it on again.........

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"The Game" Arrested. This is bullshyt!

I'm no fan of "The Game" but right is right and wrong is wrong! How the hell is the racist azz Greensboro police just arrest and him and pepper spray him when he's just out there signing autographs for his fans. It's very apparent in this video that he was backing away and being cooperative. Is it me or is racism starting to get out of control again? With all the thing the US has to worry about they want to start f-ing with us again.....

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Friday, October 28, 2005

Top Models

I came across these great pictures of Tyra Banks as Paris Hilton. She'd have to kill the boobs and grow bigger feet to be Paris though.....LOL

These are pictures from Tyra's lenscrafters adds. She looks awesome. She's been doing great lately in the weave department. There are pictures floating around of her without her weave and MAC and it aint pretty y'all!

Wouldn't it be something if Rhianna was Tyra's love child?

These are pictures from Tocarra's Smooth magazine shoot. I won't keep these up past the weekend. They aren't work friendly at all. I thought Ashley Stewart was paying her swell enough not to do the strip down. If I was her I would get a breast reduction, those things are too damn big and it they make her look bigger.

I don't know if y'all knew this but she used to be a stripper back in the day before ANTM. She looks a lot better than her celebrity fit club days too. I aint mad at you though girl, do your thang.

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Hip Hop Shots

Unless you've been hiding under a rock, you know that Ma$e is the newest member of GUNIT. Ma$e and 50 are almost inseparable these days. I wonder how his church feels about him being a "gangsta" rapper again? His next CD will not be of the "Breathe, Stretch, Shake" type of tune, he said he's hitting hard. All I know is that you don't play with GOD and his flock. Ma$e you need to make a choice here buddy, I'm sorry but you can't do both. Check out his church website y'all and look at the picture on the homepage. All the pictures of him are a hot mess. I've been following his site for a few years now. He used to have pictures of him wife there, but now they are mysteriously gone hmmmm...........

P.S. Ma$3 has a conehead and what's with this deer in headlights pose 50 has going on?

This one is for you Raven! Ma$e looks good as long as he keeps a hat on, those dimples are hot. Damn, 50 has that perfect thickness going on!

This is one picture that does my heart good. I'm ecstatic to see Nas and Jay Z together. Glad these guys have officially squashed their beef. Now off to the studio with you two and make us some hot shyt!

The two greatest rappers alive folks! No doubt! 50 and Game take note.....

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I'm incredibly bored tonight. I have zero plans and my husband is at work. I supposed I can get up and go to the bar, but I'm feeling kinda lazy. I have to work tomorrow anyway, so this weekend is pretty much shot. I guess I'll save up all my partying for Vegas baby!

Let me see what I can dig up tonight, but first I need to shake myself a Cosmo....

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More Janet Jackson Gossip For All You Junkies

Thanks to my girl AKG (short for Arkansas Girl) for posting this tidbit in our Eurwebbers group. AKG knows she always has the good stuff! Y'all will be reading about this stuff tomorrow, but you saw it hear first!

Miss Jones (the DJ who had Younge Debarge on her show) was on Extralast night. She said she believes him and showed a pic of the girl.Apparently Jackie's daughter, Brandi (Siggy's sister, Renay) wasadopted by Jackie and his wife. Hmmm...make you think.

Well Young wasback on the show today and Mama Debarge called in. Here's what Ifound:well for those of you that cant tune it, basically Young was thereand sticking to his guns by his claim that there is a girl.According to Ms Jones, She consulted one of the Jackson Publicistswho by the way is Rebbies Kids Godmotherl, Ms Flo Anthony!

Now According to Jonsey, Before the media took the story and ran withit, Anthony told Jones that there's no way that Rebbie had any kidthat belonged to Janet, BUT Jackie and Enid Jackson ADOPTED a girlwho is about 20 now, and her name is Brandi!!!! Brandi Jackson ISJackie Jackson's daughter, but the question is: Is Brandi Adopted?and was her name once Renee? which was amongst some of the otherspeculation that her name was changed after the adoption.NOW after the media has dipped into the story, Flo called Jones backand told her it wasn't true and to leave thge girl alone!! (Myinstincts are telling me that her contacted Jones was an action totry to Hush the jock into not telling anymore of what she did know,because somewhere there IS some truth to the claims)Then Mama DeBarge Called in to the show to confirm that she DID takethe interview with The Daily News BUT it was a very old interview,that occured YEARS AGO!!! Why were the Daily News interviewing MamaDeBarge about this issue if the issue wasnt as serious as it is now?What does the newspaper know that can possibly motivate them to go tothe sources mom?

Later on everyone can log onto Hot 97's website to check out somephotos of Brandi and Young DeBarge to view the resemblance ofa "Jackson" and a "DeBarge"My Opinion, Brandi DOES look like she could be a DeBarge and I thinkthat what Young said WAS true or at least true to his knowledge. Howconvient it is for Jackie to adopt a girl that strikingly resembles aDeBarge AND a Jackson...But only time will tell, and much like Ms Jones Has said enoughpressure WILL crack that case.

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Thursday, October 27, 2005

BET 25th Birthday Celebration

Whew, putting up all these pictures have worn me out! It's going to be awhile since I do another picture show this big. Without further ado let's get to the pictures :
Ignore Bobby's mouth and concentrate on the awesome looking Whitney! She looks great.

I'm so happy for Whitney. She looks a lot like her cousin/mama Dionne Warwick.

Yolanda Adams is looking awesome as well and she definately passes the weave test. I might have to curl mine up like that.

There's nothing like a man with pretty teeth.....

Mr. Diddy, the inventor of "grown and sexy".
Anthony Anderson looking dapper.
Poor Mike, what's up with this cheap azz outfit he has on?
LL, you should have worn the whole suit brutha. You look good anyway.
Tommy Davidson looks like Huggy Bear's son to me.
Umph, Nelly looking grown and sexy as hell.
White is definately her color. I guess she's getting ready for that wedding.

I don't like this look on Mary, but if I had those abs, I'd show them too. Those boot are freakin hideous!
Usher, don't like him so I don't have much to say.
read above caption (I love some classic Snoop, Gin and Juice was the shyt!)
I'm sorry y'all but I love some Omarosa! No matter how she dresses up she still looks manly to me. She's going on about 60 minutes of fame.
Why do sistah's think he's hot? If you know let me know.
It's Bootsy baby!
I'm willing to bet Tamala Jones has had some work done. She reminds me of Trina on this picture.
Big Lez looking a big manly MESS!
Speaking of manly mess..... Shondrella (can't think of her last name). She has a huge mouth to me.
George Clinton baby!
"R. Kelly reporting to prison sir"
Bobby Brown lookin as good as it gets.
Kim Whitley
Shanice looking cute after the baby.
Melissa Ford is too cute and I hate her!
Cute dress too!

I like Vanessa Bell Calloway better with short hair, this makes her look old.
Damn, I think she tries hard to look bad. This is freakin horrible. (Sheryl Underwood)
The Smith's looking lovely.
I really hoped Hammer performed. He's the best showman in the business.

I thought Quinten Tarantino was dating Shar Jackson aka Britney's baby daddy baby mama? I guess He really does like brown sugar.

Tamala Jones and Daryl Mitchel (He got paralyzed in a motor cycle accident)

Ms. Keys doing her thing. One day I'm going to have abs like that......

Victoria Rowell

Smile Tempest, you look great girl. Strike a pose or something! Act like you're on the runway

Yeah baby, LL!!!!!!

Serena and Venus have the worst damn weaves!!!!! I need to refer them to my lil cousin. I also want them to stop designing and wearing their own clothes. Stick to tennis! Although I do like this pant suit Serena has on.

Method and Mary, I can't wait to hear this! Why does Mary always slump when she sing?

Queen this is not a dress for big girls. You've been looking a little homely lately time for a new stylist.

Nelly and Pall Walls. I want Nelly to get a little more defined on the muscles.

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