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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

DANG IT!!!!!

I forgot more stuff! I forgot two pairs of my pants dammit!!!!! I wish I was making this up, but I'm not. I had to drag my friend Boogar with me to TJ Max so I could get some pants to wear to work tomorrow. I hope I like them because I was kinda tipsy when I picked them out.

I took pictures today, but I'm dog ass tired so I'll post them tomorrow.

I really like it here and I might think about moving here one day. For all my single folks and married, but mobile I would really consider looking into Tampa if I were y'all. It's nice. I wouldn't be suprised if one day I became the Sunshine State Hot Girl......

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Monday, February 27, 2006

Greetings From The Tampa Bay Area

What's up y'all?

I'm working in Florida all week. Right now I'm tired as hell, but I thought I would holla. I just got in from shopping and dinner. I actually purchased two pair of gym shoes. I NEVER buy gym shoes, because I'd rather spend my money on cute shoes or boots.

One thing that I want to do for my Floridian sistahs is to wash all that damn gel out of their hair. (I don't know where this came from....LOL)

Anywho, I half azzed packed. I didn't pack until 7:00am Sunday morning and my plane left at 10:00am. Here's a list of the things I forgot:

Trouser socks
Flat Irons
Lip liner
Mac Studio Fix
Short waist jean jacket
Chocolate Brown mules

Even though I forgot all this stuff, how is that I still have two suitcases? I'm always a HAM going through the airport. I have two rolling suitcases, my big azz rolling laptop bag, a carry on bag stuffed so tight I can put my purse in it and my purse. I really need to learn how to downsize when I travel.

My best friend called me "Captain Save A Ho" today. I'll post why on my next post or two, those who know me know why she called me that. I have a few post in the can, I just need to add pictures. I think my writers block is finally gone.

P.S. Why the fukk is it so cold here? I know it's only 19 degrees in Detroit, but can it at least break 70 degrees?


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Sunday, February 26, 2006

Flavor of Love

Can someone give a sister a play by play of what happened today. This damn hotel I'm staying in doesn't have VH1!

I need my flavor fix!!!!!!!!!!!

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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Fukk You Blogger!!!!!!!

I typed a long ass post and it didn"t show up. I'm shitty and I'm going to bed!!!!

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Monday, February 20, 2006

Housework Sucks!

Today I really felt my ancestors pain. I felt like I was back on the plantation. I washed, folded, and put away SIXTEEN loads of clothes and there are still more to do!

I know what you're thinking. How in the hell did she end up with so much laundry. Well, I never caught up since I had my surgery AND my dryer died last month and I had to get a new one. Also in my defense we use a lot of clothes in this house. Everyday in this house is a full load or more of clothes. I change clothes no less than three times a day. Work clothes, chill clothes, PJs. If it's a gym day then I have by gym clothes as well. My son has his school clothes, gym clothes, and chill clothes. My husband is the only person in this house that wears the same clothes all day long. Now that I've explained myself let me go back to how much I actually hate it....LOL.

Let me be the first to say that I have TOO many clothes. I don't wear 80% of what I own because they are either too small, too big, summer, spring, I'm tired of wearing them, no matching shoes or boots, or waiting for the perfect occasion. My clothes occupy my closet, half my son's, and now I'm working on my daughters since she's away at college. They are also taking space up in half the storage room. I'm digressing because this post is about my disdain for housework and not my clothing issues.

I'm so lucky to have a laundry room that is away from the main areas of the house. Lawd have mercy if company comes over and sees it....LOL. Well if they came today it woujldn't be a problem.

Washing isn't the only chore that I hate. I hate cleaning more! Growing up I did not have chores. My grandmother cleaned everything for me including my room. This continue until I moved out. Once I was on my own my ex-husband cleaned. When we split my mother ame to live with me and she did all the housework. Once my mom got too sick to help my cousin Puddin helped me out and my kids were old enought to start helping out. Well, once I moved in with my current husband, all that changed! He doesn't clean at all and actually he doesn't really know how. This is surprising because his mom's house is so clean you can literally eat off the floors. I have a strong fear of roaches and mice so therefore I clean. I'm from the hood and you know we have the belief that if you don't clean then they'll magically appear. Sometimes I wish I had an obsessive compulsive disorder that made me enjoy cleaning, just like sometimes I wish I was bulemic.

I will purchase anything that I think will make my cleaning easier. Swiffers, toilets wands, four different types of brooms, three different types of mops, sharks, vacuums, and a plethora of cleaning products. You name it, I have it. Regardless of all this I stil have to use good old elbow grease! My daughter used to tease me about me having to clean the kitchen once she left. Everytime I load the dishwasher I curse her...LOL. I love to cook, but I don't much anymore because I don't want to clean the kitchen afterwards.

For quite a while I've been thinking about hiring some help. I hear in NYC you can got to a corner and pick up an illegal immigrant to clean your house from top to bottom for $20! Shoot for that much Consuela azz could live with me. I wonder if there is such a place in Detroit. If you know of one holla at your girl! Life is too short to be scrubbing toilets and washing clothes. I have too much other shyt to do

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Sunday, February 19, 2006

I'm Addicted

To Frito Lays Dill Pickle flavor potato chips. This addiction isn't helping my diet and exercise program. I'd rather eat these than a meal.

Just thought I'd share!

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Saturday, February 18, 2006

More Of My Favorite Bloggers

As promised I'm delivering more of my favorite bloggers. This is by no means a complete list. I think after this I'm going to do like a blog of the week or something.

Southern Gal - She's been my cyber sistah for years now. She probably knows as much about me as anybody. Her blog is tight. One day you might get celebrity pictures, the next day she might be talking about racial issues, and the next she might be talking relationship issues, and if we're lucky we get to see pictures of her my nephew Omari. He's such a cutie. If you visit her blog ask her a question about music or a movie, I guarantee that she'll know the answer...LOL

TheDalReport - He's been my cyber Big Brutha Dal Almighty for years not too. Dal is a men's style and fashion expert. This brutha also knows his music. He's been trying to get me to listen to smooth jazz, but y'all know I aint having it. His blog is very well done and there's a ton of advice and info on it.. I just want him to remove that moderator options on his post...LOL.

Take It Outside Beyoutch! - She is hysterical! Warning don't drink or eat while reading this blog or you will more than likely spit shyt on your monitor or choke.

LaaLaa - Now y'all know I'm partial to people from the D! I like LaaLaa cause you can tell from her post that she's a genuine sweet person. I also like the variety that she has on her blog.

Na$$ty Girl - I'm not really into the erotic blogs and such, but hers is different. Na$$ty girl is a lady of the evening. She tells the tale of her erotic encounters. One that sticks out in my mind is her getting down with a morbidly obese dude. The way she described his wide tongue just made me want to puke. Her writings just get better and better.

I think this is enough for tonight, but I have many more. I'll post at least a blog a week. I'm always on the hunt for new and intersting blogs.

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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

What's Crackin Y'all?

I know I've been slacking on my blog something major, but I'm going to try and do better. My post are so depressing, actually the suck azz lately. Sometimes I wish I could be more like some of my favorite bloggers. Let's talk about them for a minute in no particular order. I'll post favorites tomorrow too, so don't get made at me if you don't see your name today, cause you know I luv you!

Let's start out with the Supa Sisters.

Supa Sister Jamal is so fabulous it hurts! I can't even find the words to describe how fabulous she is so you have to check her out yourself. Did I mention that she's an accomplished author?

Supa Sister Mwabi has change my whole thought pattern about my sistahs from the motherland. I don't comment on her blog as much as I should but I read it EVERY day and my day isn't complete unless I do. She's an aspiring author as well so my sure you check out her other blog. She's so awesome.

Superstar Nic makes everyone feel like her best friend. Seriously reading Nic's blog gives you the feeling of talking to your good friend on the phone. Everybody loves Nic and her post are so darn consistent....LOL!

Freaky Deaky is from my hometown #1. He comes up with some crazy topics that have me CTFU, cursing, or thinking. He's a dude on some different shyt.

Jackie keeps it funky! I've been on a pop culture break , but Jackie has been holding it down and she holds it well. She's funny as hell too.

Insanelysane! She keeps it real!!! Her honesty is fascinating. She's also from one of my favorite cities Chicago!

Ms. Georgie Peach straight from the ATL. I think she's weird in a good way. You can always count on her for a laugh or at least a smile.

I have to run, but I'll finish my list tomorrow! There are many more to come. I have so many favorites.

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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy Birthday Pumpkin

Happy Birthday 19th Birthday Pumpkin!!!!!
Mom Loves You Very Much and I hope You Have A Wonderful Day!

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Friday, February 10, 2006

Are You Crazy?

No seriously are you crazy? The older I get the more I realize that everyone is a little crazy or is that like being a little pregnant? I'll put it like this, everyone has issues and baggage.

Let's talk about mental health tonight. Mental health is something that Black folks don't like to talk about or deal with. In a lot of our minds mental issues = a weak person. Well, I'm here to tell you that that is not the case. I've always considered myself a rock and I've always thought there wasn't much I couldn't handle. I also thought that whatever was bothering me I could get pass it with time, but with a few things that wasn't the case.

Looking back over my life I've always suffered from Generalized Anxiety and Panic Attacks. I even think I have a touch of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, lawd knows I've been through enough to be afflicted. I've spoken about my panic attacks and anxiety before, those that read frequently know what I went through before I had my surgery. After a really bad panic attack a couple years ago I decided to seek help for my anxiety. I got tired of always feeling like my stomach was in a knot and feeling on edge. My therapist was wonderful. She helped me work through a lot of issues and taught me more or less how to control my anxiety and panic attacks. I tried various daily medications, but I didn't like the way the meds made me feel, which is like a Zombie. I don't take daily medication now, I only treat the symptoms of my panic attack. I use relaxation and situation assessment techniquest. Generalized anxiety is spreading quicker than the projected bird flu. I've had two friends this week to suffer from symptoms of anxiety and seek medical attention. I had a few friends that questioned my decision to seek professional help, but I knew that I couldn't go on without help. I also cut back on my caffiene. I really miss my daily crackacino from Starbucks, but I digress.

Well, with my anxiety and panic attacks under control, who knew another mood disorder would pop up in my life, Depression. I've been trying to fight it and pretend that it's not really happening to me. I'm trying to say that I'm just in a slump and I'll feel better soon, but I'm not. I feel like shyt! NOTHING excites me and nothing is interesting. What's exciting to me is sitting on my couch staring at the TV like a zombie. For a minute I enjoyed blogging, but not anymore as you guys can see by my half azz posts. I'm forcing myself to go to the gym and excercise because I'm afraid that if I don't someone will harpoon my azz soon. Hopefully the lost of a real appetite that I've been experiencing lately will help, one meal a day does me fine now. I used to be a three square and three snacks per day person. I've had anti-depression medication since December, I tried it, but it made me sick. They lowered my dose, but I haven't tried it again. The last time I took a psychiatric drug I gained 50lbs, but this one is actually supposed to make you lose weight along with the depression.

I don't know why I'm depressed because I have a very blessed and a very good life. I'm going to start on the meds this weekend. Hopefully it helps along with the exercise. Something has to give.

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Monday, February 06, 2006

Post Super Bowl Update

Hey y'all!

I know I've been quite the awful blogger lately but I have a lot going on in my life right now which I hate. I like to live the simple quiet life and it's just not working that way for a sistah right this minute. Enough of that mushy shyt, let's get to the weekend!

My city Detroit got it's shine on people. We did it REAL big!!!! I know I live in the 'burbs, but I'm still a Detroiter. I lived there for 30 years and up until 6 months ago I was still paying taxes there. I was real proud about the way we laid it out for Super Bowl XL. Now if we can just keep that momentum going we'll be the SHYT!

I didn't get to see LL Cool J because his concert turned out to be Saturday so I opted to party with Kid Capri instead and I was disappointed. Speaking of disappointed I went to my company's Super Bowl party instead and it was just too damn crowded! Back to Saturday, Kid Capri did the damn thing and I had a ball. It was his birthday so you know he rocked it.

Trey Songz was in the house. That's my girl Raven, Me, and Trey. He was very nice and stood still for at least three minutes while my husband took the picture. He's a cutie too with his skinny self. I heard it was football players in the house, but I wouldn't konw them without their uniforms.

I was supposed to go to a party yesterday, but my truck was in a wreck and my husband had homework to do so we just chilled and it was really nice. The house was empty and it felt really good to spend some one on one time with my husband.

Tomorrow is my birthday so wish me one in case I can't post.


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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Super Bowl XL All The Way Live Baby!!!!

I know I was supposed to make this post a week ago, but I've been very busy. Busy trying to get well, working out, being a moody bytch (artificial hormones will make you commit murder) and just straight up on the grind. I have about ten other things I'm supposed to be doing right now, but hey I miss Blogland.

Everybody and their mama is having a party in Detroit this weekend. You name it and they'll be here. I'm sorry, but I can't pay hundreds of dollars to catch a glimpse of a celebrity. So here are my economical, but fantastic choices for the weekend.


"TheyJingling Baby, Go Head Baby"

I'm going to get my head sprung with the one and only LL Cool J. He's putting on a concert at the Fine Arts Theater in Downtown Detroit. The tickets are only $50 and $100 VIP. I'll be copping those general admission tickets. The theater is small and it won't make a difference. LL always puts on a hellavu show so it show be off the hook!

I find it fascinating that it cost half as much to see a celebrity in concert as it does to party with them.

Saturday Night
I am probably Kid Capri's biggest fan. When I heard he was in town there was NO DOUBT where I was going to be. He puts it down like no other DJ on earth. I can't wait to party hard! I've never partied with him in an open party in Detroit. I hope the D is ready because he is going to rock it.

The party is at the New Detroit Science Center and the general admission are $50 and the VIP are $100. Once again your girl is paying the $50. To party with me get your tickets and furhter information at Try this link to purchase your tickets the one on the site doesn't work purchase tickets.

Sunday if my azz can get out of bed. I will be hitting two parties. I left the info on my desk so I'll post it tomorrow. One is a $10 party with drink specials and food. There other is a private house party. I have a feeling that I won't make it out of bed.

I got my zillions in and my unibrow tweezed. Your girl is ready to party!


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