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Monday, April 07, 2008

I don't really have a reason...

Why I have blogged in so long. I know that I think of things that I could blog about, but when I sit down to actually do it my mind goes blank, like now. So I'll just do some random stuff....

Flavor of Love 3
Why in the hell is those twins of the Flavor of Love 3 so damn UGLY. Missing teeth, skinny with crack bellies, and no command of the English language at all!

I'm pretty sure a couple of those woman are men, I would have to ultrasound them to make sure they got mommy parts on the inside.

How in the HELL do I sue P. Diddy over my damn phrase? I swear that was one of my original words. I, at the very least want a cut of the t-shirt sales.

Adult onset ADD
I seriously think I have it. I can concentrate on one thing for more than five minutes without getting insanely bored. I think my job has done this to me since I'm normally juggling ten things at once. I've made it a point to start concentrating on one thing at a time. Hmmm, could my ADD be a reason I don't blog like I should?

State of the world
Where in the hell is all the people that lost their homes? You can go to some really nice neighborhoods in the Detroit area and find half the houses empty. People say that are shacking with other people. I don't know of one case like that and I know a lot of people that will sleep on someone else's couch without a second thought.

My next car will be a moped. I can not keep affording to fill up my truck at $70 a pop. It's putting a serious dent in my "me fund".

I will be so glad when the presidential election is over, it's wearing me out. I had some commentary but I'm too wore out about it to write about it.

That's enough
I know I need to update my links, my background, and all that good stuff. To be honest, I don't remember the passwords on none of my stuff. It took a lot to remember the one to blogger....LOL.


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