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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Rub Me The Right Way

This weekend I got my first full body massage. It was a very unique and interesting experience. I've had massages before, but never a full body, skin to skin experience except for my husband. It was an out of body experience that made me feel like I committed adultry. Let me start from the beginning.....

My Social Club help our annual retreat this weekend at a local Marriott hotel. As part of the retreat we had a Pamper Party. There were facials, manicures, pedicures, and yes massages. You could choose between a chair or a table massage. Well I decided to go for the gusto and get the table massage. When I walked into the room there was smooth jazz playing and scented candles burning. The lights were turned down blow and there were about five bruthas and a sister waiting to massage and relax your muscles.

Well the brutha that approached me was about 6"5, bald with a smooth Barry White voice. "Would you like a massage?" was the question. I managed to mumble out a yes. "Do you want it clothed or unclothed?" I hate to be rubbed through my clothes by anybody so of course my choice was unclothed, it gives me the heebie jeebies. He gave me a sheet and directed me to wear I could change. I came back wrapped in a sheet and feeling a little uncomfortable that I was the only one getting an unclothed massage at the time. When I first laid out on the table I was stiff as a board! It was like rigamortis had set in on me. Let me say this. I know that massages are supposed to be sexual and in technical terms this one wasn't. The masseuse was very professional, the problem was my crazy azz....LOL.

When he began to lay hands on me and started rubbing the hot oil on me I knew that it was going to be a looong half hour. It's be a long time since another man besides me husband touched me in such a manner. I jumped when he first touched me and he asked me in that Barry White voice if I was ok. I told him I was just a little chilly. I had to start thinking about other things to keep that feeling of euphoria at bay. Stuff like Moe's litter box, laundry, a new hair style, etc. He asked me if I wanted my glutes done, my answer was HELL NAWL! I couldn't handle that. I was already hanging on to my sanity by a thread. When he finally told me masssage was over I was both relieved and sad. My torrid affair was finally over. When he gave me instructions on what to do now that my massage was over I felt like he was speaking to me in slow motion. I was actually SPENT! I left the room in a stumble, folks were looking at me like I was crazy. I felt like I had just had a major orgasm and then I got kicked out of bed and made to get out. It was a crazy feeling.

Once I had came to my senses I saw my girl J walking out of the room and asked her how she like it. She said that she felt like she had been raped, but in a good way. She had that same dazed and confused look on her face so it wasn't just me. I'm not sure if I'll ever get another massage by anyone besides my husband, that's just too much playing. Besides he gives a pretty good massage and I get to have a happy ending wtih it!


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