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Monday, February 20, 2006

Housework Sucks!

Today I really felt my ancestors pain. I felt like I was back on the plantation. I washed, folded, and put away SIXTEEN loads of clothes and there are still more to do!

I know what you're thinking. How in the hell did she end up with so much laundry. Well, I never caught up since I had my surgery AND my dryer died last month and I had to get a new one. Also in my defense we use a lot of clothes in this house. Everyday in this house is a full load or more of clothes. I change clothes no less than three times a day. Work clothes, chill clothes, PJs. If it's a gym day then I have by gym clothes as well. My son has his school clothes, gym clothes, and chill clothes. My husband is the only person in this house that wears the same clothes all day long. Now that I've explained myself let me go back to how much I actually hate it....LOL.

Let me be the first to say that I have TOO many clothes. I don't wear 80% of what I own because they are either too small, too big, summer, spring, I'm tired of wearing them, no matching shoes or boots, or waiting for the perfect occasion. My clothes occupy my closet, half my son's, and now I'm working on my daughters since she's away at college. They are also taking space up in half the storage room. I'm digressing because this post is about my disdain for housework and not my clothing issues.

I'm so lucky to have a laundry room that is away from the main areas of the house. Lawd have mercy if company comes over and sees it....LOL. Well if they came today it woujldn't be a problem.

Washing isn't the only chore that I hate. I hate cleaning more! Growing up I did not have chores. My grandmother cleaned everything for me including my room. This continue until I moved out. Once I was on my own my ex-husband cleaned. When we split my mother ame to live with me and she did all the housework. Once my mom got too sick to help my cousin Puddin helped me out and my kids were old enought to start helping out. Well, once I moved in with my current husband, all that changed! He doesn't clean at all and actually he doesn't really know how. This is surprising because his mom's house is so clean you can literally eat off the floors. I have a strong fear of roaches and mice so therefore I clean. I'm from the hood and you know we have the belief that if you don't clean then they'll magically appear. Sometimes I wish I had an obsessive compulsive disorder that made me enjoy cleaning, just like sometimes I wish I was bulemic.

I will purchase anything that I think will make my cleaning easier. Swiffers, toilets wands, four different types of brooms, three different types of mops, sharks, vacuums, and a plethora of cleaning products. You name it, I have it. Regardless of all this I stil have to use good old elbow grease! My daughter used to tease me about me having to clean the kitchen once she left. Everytime I load the dishwasher I curse her...LOL. I love to cook, but I don't much anymore because I don't want to clean the kitchen afterwards.

For quite a while I've been thinking about hiring some help. I hear in NYC you can got to a corner and pick up an illegal immigrant to clean your house from top to bottom for $20! Shoot for that much Consuela azz could live with me. I wonder if there is such a place in Detroit. If you know of one holla at your girl! Life is too short to be scrubbing toilets and washing clothes. I have too much other shyt to do

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