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Thursday, December 22, 2005

It's A Celebration...

In celebration of my new look. I thought I do a picture post.

This picture will go down in the H.A.M. hall of fame. I'm so tired of these heffas leaving the house ASHY! It's a NO NO ladies. I'm giving Shar a bottle of Olive Oil and Kheri lotion. All she has to do it mix one part both and I guarantee it will chase the ash off your ass. Speaking of ass, why the hell would you pose for a booty shot if you aint got not? She know she suffers from Noassatall disease. Is is me or does she have the Sponge Bob shape going on? Just a mess!

EWWWWW!!! Just nasty. She should close her eyes with her mouth open that wide.

It's look like Jerry Garcia threw up on Toccara.
Dress and hair a H.A.M.. I like the pose though.
Somethings different about Remy's face. Hmmmm.....
The Apprentice, not Apprenti winner Dr. Randall Pinkett and his wife Zahara Wadud-Pinkett. Check out Dr. Pinkett's website. Without getting into all the controversy. Dr. Pinkett was right, Trump was wrong, and Rebecca "Ho sit down"! My girl Queen Pen from back in the day. My Jam was "A Party Aint A Party". It's hard out there for the female rapper no days.
See, I told y'all Maxwell wasn't gay, here he is with a woman.....LOL. I miss the wild Afro on him too. He look rather, ok I said I wouldn't refer to Blacks with that word.
Speaking of, ok I can't use that word. I'm a little preoccupied with Mannie Fresh. I heard he had Super Sized daddy parts. Why is it when you hear those rumors the man becomes very intriguing?
I'm sure most of you have seen this picture by now. It's Lisa Bonet's and Lenny Kravitz daughter getting blitzed. I sure hate to see this and hope they get help for her. She's only 16 and I really wish her the best.
Poor thing hitting the Old E. I didn't know they still made it. I don't talk about folks kids so I'm moving on....
I know y'all seen this picture of Monique at Richard Pryors funeral. She looks a mess. I hate when people where bright colors to funerals. I hate it more when people don't shave their legs. Why does she have on gray shoes? Damn girl!
Diana really over did the whole black thing. I think Richard tapped that.
Who is this with Joe Jackson? Is it his love child? Let me know.
The lace front wigs aren't just for the sisters. Gwen rocks them too.
Bre from ANTM looks hot in this picture. Who says she can't model high fashion couture?
I just couldn't believe this was my childhood idol Jayne Kennedy looking so frumpy. I know you're a wife andmother Jayne, but there is never excuse for being frumpy. I don't care how old, fat, skinny, pretty, or ugly frumpiness is a No No!
Nik giving them drama in this picture. I was never a Nik fan ANTM, but she's got the look in this picture.
Did y'all see that train wreck, Christmas with the Brown's last night? I was embarrassed when their dumb asses were dancing to the carolers! That was too much playing. I just hope this is photoshopped and not real blood in Bobby's nose.
Caption This Picture!
It's good to see 50 smiling again.
He looks happy for once.
Do y'all know who this is? It's my boy AZ, Y'all do know nothing about AZ son!!! What y'all know about The Firm?

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