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Friday, December 16, 2005

Michael Ealy

He's my crush of the month. It's true, I'm sweet on Halle's man. Folks always excuse me of having a fixation on "light-skindaded" men, but that aint true, well it is in this case. I've been watching his new show Sleeper Cell, that come on Showtime and he is so sexy in this show. He was getting it on with a woman and I was sitting there salvating, his pretty azz got some moves. I watched 5 episodes in a row (well I aint got shyt else to do, it's only so much surfin you can do in a day) and then that damn On Demand went on the blink, I was madder than a muthasucka. Well I called Comcast today and I waiting on it to come back on now! I need my Pretty Ricky fix!!!!

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