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Saturday, December 17, 2005

My boredom Is Your

Entertainment. I just thought I'd share a few things from my all night web surfing.

Why didn't Santa Clause look like this in my neighborhood. Hell I would have been good ALL year just so he could come down my chimney and stuff my..........

Just when I was getting used to the idea of "man velvet" Usher comes along and messes it up. Must you wear Satin on your man velvett? And what's with the motorcycle gloves. Usher is getting more and more "prettier" everyday.
Why when we talk about Black couples that stand the test of time these two, Holly Robinson and Rodney Peete are never mentioned? For the Detroiters, do y'all remember when he was a Detroit Lion?
Fantasia and her cute little daughter Zion on the Tea cups at Disney.
Slim Thug (Is it me or his braids really thin?), LaTavia Roberson and LeTavia Luckett, Y'all know the girls that got kicked out of Destiny's Child. I heard that Slim Thug and La Tavia are dating. Wasn't he married whenhe first came out?
Ralph Tresvant and Shar Jackson. Ralph better stand back, you know she'll get pregnant if you breathe on baby making self hard. Ralph has an album dropping in February, he's starting to look like my drunk uncle and Shar has aon a little too much MAC #20 powder.
I have a friend that this condom dress would make the perfect gift for. Don't act like y'all don't have one that could use it.

Well, I think those were just rumors about Isaac Hayes and Kenya Moore. This is Isaac and his wife Abjowa. They are expecting his 12th child. Mo' power to them.
Serena, Serena, Serena! She is just going to take the H.A.M. female of the year right out of Vivica's hand. There is just so many things wrong here, but right now I can't get past her ashy azz legs and feet!!! I'm a chocolate girl too and I know we need EXTRA moisture. Add a little olive oil and Kheri lotion together serena, you'll be shining like a penny girl....LOL.
I know this alien like picture of Brandy has been going around for a minute, but I just wanted y'all to see it before I told y'all about her new hair line of hair weave. Who the hell would want to buy weave from Brandy? Check it out here. I aint mad though, make your money girl.
I don't where this excerpt came from, but the comments speak for themselves. Dennis really needs to stop and let the light go out on his fading star.
I got this card from my girl Renay. I really don't want them to do another joint album. The first one SUCKED and that play that they did together "The Things That Lovers Do" was the worst freakin piece of trash that I'd ever paid to see. Words can't describe how awful it was, I wanted to bust somebody head for my money back. Anywho, I used to be a big Chante fan and lately she's been very disappointing.
No, your eyes don't decieve you. That is Damon Dash and his wife Rachel. He looks like one of my college professors. The bald head with fuzz around the size, the over size square frame glasses, the sweater vest and tie, yep I think Dame taught my Java class.

I don't like to call Black folks monkeys or any other kind of primate, but Golden Brooks here looks like the female ape on Planet of the Apes. I want people to just so NO to veneers, hers are just hideous!!!! Mya would be appalled.

Here are a few other interesting things I came across today.

This website is funny you can make Santa do anything. Thanks to my country cuz for sending it to me. Check it out.

I'm not going to tell y'all who sent me this link, I don't want y'all Tookie lovers hunting her down. I found this EXTREMELY funny and I don't care if you get mak. Check it out here.

See what happens when you play jingle bells backwards. It satanic. Click here.

When I'm feeling depressed I go to Crunk and Disorderly and look at the Tupac memorial statue. It makes me burst my stitches. Check it out here.

This is so disgusting it left my mouth open for 10 minutes. ****DO NOT OPEN AT WORK OR NEAR CHILDREN*** If you are squeamish and don't like nudity or nasty stuff don't look. Click here

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