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Saturday, December 17, 2005

Missing Black Saturday

I’m a feeling so depressed right now.  Since I’m on the mend and walk so slow that an old man with a walker came whizzing by me yesterday when I went to my post surgery follow up appointment I can’t go out shopping.  This is the week where I’m usually in all my shopping glory.  The Saturday before Christmas I would usually get up early, go to breakfast and hit every mall and strip mall in a 50 mile radius.  This year I can’t do that.

My husband felt sorry for me and knew something was wrong when I went and got in the bed and pulled every blanket I could find over my head.  He tried to encourage me to get up and get dressed and he would go shopping with me.  I pulled the covers off my head and gave my best “whatcha talking bout Willis” look.  This is a man who doesn’t believe in shopping at any store that isn’t connected to computers, electronics, or home improvement.  If it aint Best Buy, Comp USA, Lowes, or Home Depot he aint going in there without bytchin up a storm.  He laid out my clothes and tried to coax me out the bed.  I wasn’t having it though.  I wanted to just lay in my misery.  I knew I couldn’t power shop and hit a store every ten minutes.  I was also afraid that I might over do it and make myself sick.  I had a really rough night last night, but I really don’t want to revisit that right now, just say I’m drinking plenty of water.

I’ve tried shopping online, but it just doesn’t give you the same kind of rush that looking cut off folks for parking spaces, taking cuts in line, and stealing stuff out of other people carts give you.  Hopefully, I’ll be able to get out one day next week and do a little shopping.  I have to find me a mall that rent those electric scooters.  Y’all know I aint shame to ride on one!!!!!

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