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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Daytime TV SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!

This is unreal and I feel like I'm in the twilight zone.

Tyra Banks show is AWFUL!!! I've seen bits and pieces before, but today I tried to stomach it all. She had the porn star Tyra Banxxx on there and it was just a chicken neckin mess. All I can here Tyra saying is "Girl you gone give me my name back, promise me girl you gone quit porn, girl my mama don't play that" (Y'all know Tyra loves to talk about what here mama said or don't play.) Her show is way too melodramatic for me.

Montel Williams needs to be on Prozac. His shows are so dark and depressing. The only one shows I like is when he have the "brilliant" (and I mean that sarcastically) psychic on there.

The View is pathetic too. The whole time I just sit here and stare at Star Jones gobblet. It's amazing how much weight she's lost, but she needs one of those "Lifestyle Face Lifts". Y'all know the ones the advertise on TV all the time.

Maury might be the most disgusting of them all. On today's show was a disfigured Black teenage girl whose idol was Tweet. Why did Tweet come out singing "Oh My" (Y'all remember the masturbation shong) while dancing with the girl. It was unfukkin real. Somebody should be fired for that. Stick to the baby daddy drama Maury.

Jerry Springer. Why the fuck does Jerry still have a show? When I watch it they all feel like reruns. Jerry you need to reinvent yourself.

There are a few of bright lights though.

Martha Stewart is the shyt. I love her show. She keeps it moving with her celebrity guest cooking and making crafts in the kitchen. She makes it all seem so easy.

Ellen has a fun and entertaining show. Too bad she comes on the same time as ......

OPRAH! I love Oprah. I don't care what she's talking about, I agree with her. She's hypnotic. As soon as I get well enough I'm going to get a curly Oprah weave. Y'all just wait and see..

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