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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Now That's Ghetto!

I'm not a bourgie or 'boo g" by any means, ok maybe I am a little. I tolerate a lot, but I will not tolerate straight out ghettoness(I know it aint a word) in my own damn house! My darling husband made baked fish for dinner. Well I needed a little hot sauce on the fish (don't start, hot sauce is not ghetto!!!), DH (dear husband for the clueless) gave me the hot sauce bottle. WHY did a nucca put water in the bottle? I think my heart skipped a beat and my blood pressure rose instantly! I wanted to jump and an throw the bottle against the wall and tip over the table. I was out for blood. I don't play that. I hate for a nucca to make a ghetto azz substitution in my house. Don't wipe you azz with Kleenex, go down the basement and get some toilet paper out the pantry, I NEVER run out of toilet paper.

Don't get me wrong I grew up in the hood. Shoot my friends ate ketchup, syrup, and mayonaise sandwiches. My Granny didn't play that shit! I don't give a damn how tight things got, she bet not catch your azz eating a meatless sandwich unless it was PBJ. And Sugar water? You bet not even think about. Nor could we put sugar on our grits and rice. My Granny said that only drug addicts kids did that. I cringe to this day when my son put sugar on his grits, but I know his parents aint drug addicts so it's cool, I still don't like it. I equate thinning hot sauce and ketchup on this level on ghettoness. I have a grocery shopping fetish and I don't run of common everyday shyt so it's no excuse, folks to damn lazy to dig for shyt in this house. I know it was one of my children that did it and I bet not find out which one. They are going to catch the wrath on BooGee mama.

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