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Monday, December 12, 2005

Stan "Tookie" Williams

I hate for my first real blog entry back to be about this nucca. I know so many other folks have blogged their opinions and the debate goes on and on. I just felt I need to throw my two cents out here for the record.

Let me get this out of the way first, I do NOT think this man should be granted clemency. He's a cold blooded killer directly and indirectly. When this man was free in the streets, he turned himself into a killing machine. Don't be fooled by thewell-spoken gray haired man with the wire-rimmed glasses. Trust me, back in the day this was not a man you wanted to cross in a dark alley. To look at his picture strike fear in my heart right now. Look at those biceps! Those arms were made for choking the shyt out of somebody.

I know that some folks feel this is an issue of race and I agree it is. We as Blacks need to stop making excuses for other low lifed nuccas who don't give a damn about us or our people. If Tookie really did start the Crips, which CNN is now saying maybe he didn't. That shyt aint nothing to brag about. Thousands of of our bruthas lay dead in their graves because of this nucca. You can't wear certain colors in the hood or you might get shot because of this nucca. Also how many innocent women, children, babies are dead because of this nucca?

When I was in high school I kept a shoe box full of obituaries of all the my classmates and friends that got killed by other Blacks. They all died of violence, mostly gun violence. If I could trace their death to one person or trace it back to one person I would want that person dead. So many of our brightest and best are dead, sleeping in their graves because of this stupid azz gangsta shyt.

Finally Tookie never said he was sorry, never apologized, never took responsibility for his actions. Although he was charged with murdering 5 people, I'm sure he's responsible for the death for many more. How would you feel about his redemption if that was your son, daughter, mother, father, husband, sister, brother, that he killed? He got an extra 20 years, something that his victims didn't get.

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