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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Whew! Finally A Pictorial!

I"ve been trying for three days to get these pictures posted!!! Blogger has been acting a damn fool on me. It looks like I have it now and it's actually smaller than before because it gave me a headache.

This is a candid photo of Vivica without her war paint on. She actually looks younger and prettier without it.

It's my girl Kimora and the awful fashion victims, The Williams Sisters. They actually piss me off because they NEVER represent, they always look terrible. Back to Kimora, Did yall see her and Russle's house on cribs? It was off the chain. I want to be like her and have a guy hired only to coordinate my closet. You go girl!

Stevie Wonder and his darling little son Kailand.
A blast from the past. Star Jones has really come a long ways! The only thing she didnt lose was the big azz noggin of hers!!!
Shaq and his adorable wife Shaunie. They are expecting their 6th child, the both have one each prior to thier marriage. Yeah, thats Vivica messing up the picture.
My girl AKG passed this rumor on to me. Kenya Moore and Isaac Hayes are supposedly expecting together and getting married.
Kenya is fromDetroit so if its true, I aint saying shes no golddigger, but she aint messing with no broke...... Meet The Hamiltons!!! I just wanted my girl Ki to know what her future inlaws look like and how her kids are going to look....LOL!
Jamie Fox looks like he's ready to bust all kinds of slop with Michele Williams.
Macy Gray looks healthy and Sober on this picture, I'm happy for her. Angie is aging really fast.
Lauryn has been looking such a mess since her "return". I guess I don't miss her as much as I thought I did.
Kells and his lovely wife Andrea.
Game really needs to find a new hobby other than hating 50. It's really taking a toll on his psyche. He already signed the picture, but he had to go back and write F*ck 50 on it. Get a life Game.
What do you think Game is praying for? I bet it has something to do with 50.

Here's my girl Free! Alive and well and not PREGNANT! I just cant look at a pictures of Big Tigger. I just think of him being spread wide open like a cauliflower...sheesh!
EnVogue is back and they are not very "Vogue". I always set low expectations for groups on the come back. 99.99% of the time they can never rekindle the magic.
Poor Retha! She's become the laughing stock of the internet. I think Donna Richardson pictured here with her husband Tom Joyner should stage an intervention. Come on ReRe you're in your 60s now. Aint no need for all that!
Chris Rock better be careful hanging out with Eddie Murphy. Y'all know how rumors get started. I wold love to see Eddie do stand up again. He's a funny MFer on the stage. Y'all don't know nothing about RAW!
Envogue and Vivica. I swear that heffa is everywhere!
Speaking of interventions, Brandy looks horrid! Po thang, I fell so sorry for her. Also someone needs to tell Mya, just cause you got good hair, you still need to comb it!
Damon Dash and his lovely family. His daughter is such a cutie.
LISTEN UP!!! I want this coat for Christmas. If you've seen it anywhere let a sistah know. Anybody that knows me, know this is me 1001%. I need to strut my stuff in this.
I won't be mad if I got the bag too!
Finally. WTF is going on with Serena? Although she is a fashion disaster, she always had a sick body. She needs to slowdown on the partying and get back in shape. This is unacceptable!

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