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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

I'm Dream of A White Thanksgiving...

It's cold as hell outside and snowing, but I'm a hot girl so I stay....well you know...

I was going to do a long picture post, but blogger is acting up so we'll have to roll with what we've got.

Toccara surely didn't get this outfit from Ashley Stewart. I try to keep an open mind when it comes to fashion, but this outfit is hideous. Are those leg warmers?
Maybe it's hanging with Vivica Fox tacky behind that's wearing off on her.

50 and Pastor Mason Betha performing at the release of 50 video games.

Well it's offical Ma$e is now signed to GUnit. He's at his church Sun-Wed and with 50 and the crew the rest of the week. I wonder how his parishoners feel about it?

Now y'all know I don't want to hype up K-Fed becase lawd knows he gets enough publicity but someone let him have it. This is "album" cover.

Don't act like y'all didn't want to see Britney's baby.

Speaking of baby, Y'all know Trick Daddy is my BABY DADDY. I luvs this man. "She put that sugar on my tongue"

Here's a picture of David Bowie and his daughter that he had with uber model Iman. Iman also had a daughter by Haywood Spencer, the former Detroit Piston star of the 80s.

Wow, David Bowie looks OLD. He'd better hurry up and get his botox shots, dayum.

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