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Tuesday, November 22, 2005


So Helmut Freman Hendrix wants a recount huh? I see this is a trend in American politics these days. Detroit is in deep fiscal trouble and the $600,000 price tag for the recount could pay for at least 10 more police officers to patrol the crime ridden streets of great city. I know that it's well with in his rights to ask for a recall, but does that make it right? I doubt you can find one person that think the outcome is going to change, he didn't lose by 100 0r 1,000 votes, he lost by 15,000. I don't think the election was tampered with and I'm a BIG conspiracy theorist. I know that the city clerk Jackie Curry is highly incompetent, but if she could cheat don't you think she would have cheated in her favor? There were also state and federal monitors, which really don't mean since they can't get presidential elections right. I'm predicting that Freman will end with 50-100 more votes, but is it worth $600,000?

If Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick beat Freman Hendrix then the Hendrix campaign should reimburse the city of Detroit. I think all of Mayor Kilpatrick's energy should be towards solving Detroit's crime and budget problems not worrying about an election that he's already won. I think Freman got too caught up with media and their illegitimate numbers that he didn't listen to the streets. He got caught up the Mayor Kilpatrick bashing. You can predict vote turn out by telephone polls in Detroit. Young folks only have cellphones and half the city got their phones turned on in someone else's name. You have to go to the churches, grocery stores, and
beauty salons to get a good sampling of what's on Detroiters minds. I bet they'll know next time.

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