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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Some Gossip and Pics

Shoot I go away and folks start breaking up, hooking up and getting their azzes kicked. I'm not posting links to these stories because frankly I don't feel like it tonight. Google it or wait until next week and it'll be known. Remember you heard it here first though.

Break ups:

50 and Nia Long. The romance is over folks, but I don't think he's with Joy Bryant. I think that was a freak thang.

Kelly Rowland and Roy Williams fine azz. That would have been a hard one to let go.

Countess Vaughn and the plumber dude she was with.

Lil Mo and the nucca she met at the gas station.

Dawn Lewis (Jaleesa on A Different World) got the crap beat out of her by her husband, Johnny Newman. I HATE MEN WHO BEAT WOMEN!!!! I hate them coward muthafukkas to death, but I won't go there tonight.

Diana Ross and Jon Voight (Angelina Jolie daddy) are dating

Quentin Richardson and Keisha Pulliam are said to be dating. If so this guy definately has a "type".

Ok, I'm getting sleepy so on to the pics......

Stop looking at the AZZ and tell me what's the problem with this picture? She's such a stupid azz garden tool!
(Thanks Renay and Hubby for pic)

Tyra put her lace front wig on in a hurry. It's lifting in the front. Now Tyra you know better than this girl.

I aint hating on Star Jones weight loss, hell I'm even a bit jealous. She needs a face lift thought cause her shyt is sagging bad. If she would have went into hiding and lost the weight we wouldn't know who the fugg she was. Oh and that dress if freakin awful!!!

"Oh damn, I forgot to blend my shyt, folks gone see my line" One more picture of Tyra and her raggedy lace front weave. Don't forget to set your DVR for Friday it will have Tyra confronting Naomi about treating her bad when she was modeling.
I didn't want to post this picture because I like 50. I have to be fair though. Fiddy this picture is NOT gangsta!!!!

(Thanks Renay)

Wendy "Hot Dayum Mess" Williams!!!! She's a lying azz winch too. All her gossip is garbage with the exception of the P Diddy stuff.

Y'all all ready know I'm going to post every picture I can find with Young Buck in it. Look at my baby looking fine in the right corner. Check out the GUNIT issue of XXL.

I didn't cover the Vibe awards, but I had to post this wreck of a picture. Homegirl needs to hire a stylist quick. I actually like the suit, but she made it too trashy and we aint gone start with the hair.

Awww they are such a cute couple. Larenz Tate is a hottie even though he's short. I hear that they're dating, but I can't confirm it though.

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