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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

What Happens In

Vegas, stays in Vegas BUT I'm willing to share a few pics with you.....LOL.

Before I get to the few pics I'm posting here's a few tips when visiting Las Vegas.

Go see Purple Reign, it's a Prince tribute show at the Boardwalk Casino, click on the link for more info. Try to catch the very first show because they tend to run out of energy towards the end.

The Rio seafood buffet is over-rated. Have the champaigne brunch at the Alladin instead.

If you want to win money go to the Excalibur, so I hear......

This is the hotel where we stayed in, New York New York and it was great.

Now on to the good stuff. Here's DJ Kid Caaaappppprriiiii spinning it up at Club OPM. He tore it up. Like I said before my weave was dripping wet, my shoes was off, and I was hoarse. Need I say more?

The club was packed with wall to wall picture. This is one of the shots I took while I was trying to get while trying to get a shot of Kid Capri.

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