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Sunday, November 20, 2005

Take Your Blood Pressure Medicine

Because this is a 100% pure HAM (Hot Azz Mess) Thread. So much pork in here, you'll be sure to get a headache.

I don't know who the hell this is and what the fugg possessed her to take a picture, but there are so many things wrong with this damn picture I can't begin to count. Let's start with that black shyt on her thighs. She needs to get a damn brillo pad and get to work on them babies. Your turn.
Traci looks like she is trying to get away from him. Look how she's trying to move his hand. Well they say Anthony Andersen is a pervert.....LOL. Never trust a man in a red crush velvet jacket ladies.
I want Tommy Davidson not to ever show his body again. I'm offended. What's going on with his abs?
Taraji Henson is my girl and I'm definitely a fan, but she looks a mess in this picture. The hair, the dress, yuck! Did y'all know she was dating Common? What a cool couple.
This picture is the epitome of hot mess. Star looks awful. Her face it totally out of what. She needs to get nipped and tucked NOW! Her weight loss is wonderful, but it has left her face a total wreck. Vivica is well, you know.....
I thought Ruben Studdard's azz was someone recovering from gastric bypass or on a fat farm somewhere, but as you can see he's been eating up Alabama. Look at the size of that waist, dayum!!!
Why does Jazzy Pha have on pink glasses? I had to get that out of the way first. Who the hell is that with those dirty azz teeth thingys in his mouth? It looks like he has a teeth fungus or something.
Lenny Kravitz literally needs his azz kicked for this picture. I don't think there is a gayer(if that's a word) picture ever taken. He looks like he waiting for somebody to mount him from the rear.
It's time for Paula Jai Parker to get a lift job. Her hair also looks like a kitchen job. Men love this woman, I just don't get it. I'm feeling those boots though.....

She needs a sandwich with extra mayo. This is not sexy or cute.
Al Reynolds, husband of Star Jones Reynolds. Look at that shirt and tell me he's not gay? No straight man would be caught dead in that shirt!!!!

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