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Monday, November 21, 2005

What's Good?

Nothing if you live in Michigan. GM has to cut 30,000 jobs, Detroit has the 2nd highest crime rate in the country, Flint is in the top 10, little girls getting dumped in garbage can by little boys. We all know that poverty breeds crime and Michigan is about to get a little bit poorer. What a lot of folks in our great state don't realize is that the US economy is doing great. It's the midwest that's in a depression. Anywho, let's get to the weapons of mass distractions, talking bout celebrities.

I know Will Smith being the metrosexual that he is doesn't approve of Jada looking like this even if she does have her rock band. Some folks really go out the realm of believability(if that's a word) trying to be different.

Now Jada you want to be kissing girls (yawn) boring!!!

AI looks like a little boy in his daddy's clothes. I know y'all love him, but I don't get it sorry. I like grown azz looking men, unless of course they're my "nephews".
I love it when I contradict myself....hahahaha.

Raven here's ya girl in the belong wig. She's back to black now, I think she was just trying to have fun. Hopefully she knows this aint for her.
Robert Dinero and his elegant wife Grace Hightower.
I'm REAL REAL mad at Trina for this leopard outfit. What has happened to the Diamond Princess? Ok, what's that around her neck? Can someone explain it to me please?
Damn this catsuit is hideous.
I just want y'all to see Vivica's bumpy top lip. She really needs to stop with the collagen in her lips or at least go to a decent plastic surgeon. She could have gave me that $10,000 and I would have burst in the mouth with my fist and she would have had the exact same look.

My baby daddy, Morris Chestnut is getting divorced how sad........

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