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Thursday, November 17, 2005

Today's Pictorial

There's not too much going on today or perhaps I'm a little too lazy to really dig and find out. I have some naked pictures of Terrance Howard and Dennis Rodman, but I'm not going to post them here, because like I said this is a family blog. Terrance little itty bitty teeny tiny peepee is so small I feel sorry for him. You need a magnifiying glass and a pair of needle nosed plyers to find that sucker. I thought his Hurrican Katrina comments and seeing his wife and his natural speaking voice killed the attraction, but that site of the lil peepee really did it for me. Dennis on the other hand is average at best, but the soldier wasn't at full salute so I'm not going to fully judge it. Ok, let's get on to the pictures.

Raven Simone is a really cute girl and I even find this dress interesting. Y'all know I like shiny clothes so I'd rock it. I'm kinda glad that she's not giving in to Hollywood and starving herself, I just hope it doesn't cost her too much because the sistah has mad talent.

Q-tip where the hell you been? That's him on the left in case you didn't know. I konw he was messing around with Nicole Kidman, she does love the brothers doesn't she? Is it me or has Queen Latifah been look a hot damn mess lately? Muziq or however the hell you spell it isn't it time for another CD?
This my friends is Buffy the Body. Video Ho extrodinaire. She even has her own website and you can even book her parties. I must admit she has a fantastic azz weave. Very nice.
This shot is for the hubby and Roger. Who knew that you could make a living strictly off having a big azz. If I knew this maybe I wouldn't had kids and took my azz on the road.....LOL. J/K kids don't start posting hatelful comments.
Vivica really needs to stop with the botox. She has that surprised look going on. She used to be such a cute girl.
This is fuggin hot damn mess!!! Yes folks that Paris Hilton in an ugly azz dress with her legs spread wide open with those ugly azz white shoes own that probably cost more than my drunk dropping it for Fat Joe. I can only imagine was he was thinking. YUCK!!!!
How the hell are you going to back you azz up when you aint got NO azz? That dress is fuggin ugly too with those big azz polka dots. Paris is just flat out skanky!!!!
Have you ever wondered what 50 baby mama look like? Well here she is in one of his videos, I believe it's Wanksta. Her must be a good baby daddy because you don't hear shyt from her and that's cool.

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