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Thursday, November 17, 2005

Listen Up Freaky Foreigners

I've noticed I've been getting a lot of hits from different countries around the world, especially the middle east. I decided to dig a bit deeper and I see the are putting in two words in the search engine "hot girl". While no doubt, I'm a hot girl, I'm probably not the type you're looking for because there are no naked folks on this site. I know you middle easterners can put words like "ass" "titties" "cunt" etc in your search engines. So let me help you come up with some "safe" words. If you're looking for breast you might want to try "boobs" ,"fun bags","twins", "tits". If your looking for buttocks you can try "butt", "booty", "clapper", and even "badunkadunkdunk". If you're looking for vagina try "coochie" "twinkie" "split" "kitty" "mommy parts". If you're looking for a penis try "tool" "stick" "peepee" "daddy parts" "ding a ling" or "ding dong". It amazes me that y'all online looking for naked women but you make your daughters and wives walk around in them damn burquas in 120 degree weather and will cut her freakin neck off if she wears a short sleave shirt. Straight up hypocrites.

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