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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Kenya Moore Responds To MCHG!!!!!!!

(OMG!!! I received this email from someone who said they are Kenya Moore. It includes verifying information. Here it is in its entirety!!!!)

Hey Girl and fellow Detroiter!

Just wanted to say this is NOT a joke and this is my real email address
please do not print it in anyway. Just wanted to say HELLLLLL NOOOOOO
I am
not married to, engaged to, or even talking to Isaac Hayes, in fact
been dating someone for 3 years and it sure ain't him.

Don't know where crazy rumors start but the only time I ever SAW/met
him was
about 6 years ago I went to the Academy Awards with him. What was
crazy is
that I didn't know him then either and I had a boyfriend at the time
encouraged me to go so I wouldn't miss out on the once in a lifetime
I met Mr. Hayes during a radio interview in NY and he asked me after.
never went on any subsequent dates. I think because I am never
photographed with anyone (man on a date) that this is the only picture
anyone could dig and find with me and a guy. So I guess people just
they need to make up stuff.

Thanks for being cool. And good luck with your site. Mine is located
at and it will be up on my birthday January 24, 2006

Happy New Year God Bless

Kenya Moore

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