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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

First, Last, Now


First Job:  Working for a auto supplier in a union shop.  It was 1988 and I was making $10.50 an hour.  That was big bank back then.  The work was so dirty, boring, and repetitive I knew I had to get an education.

First Screen Name:  Sweet T.  I used to love the rapper Sweet T, very few people knew where I got the name from.  I used to go on the Palace and have a good old time.  I think I used to kick it on there for 24 hours straight.

First Funeral:  The owner of the corner store son.  I was about 4 years old and I remember he got shot in a robbery.  That was back when Black folks owned stores in Detroit.  Now they are all owned by Arabs.

First Pet:  Domino.  He was a pure bred German shepherd.  I used to get teased about how we would share bottles when I was a baby.  Domino lived to be 19.

First Piercing:  My ears at 6 weeks old.  I pierced my daughters at the same age.

First Tattoo:  It’s a flaming heart with my mother’s name it.  I got it while my mother was fighting cancer.

First Credit Card:  Mejer Jewelry Store

First Kiss:  I really hate to admit this and I hope no one in my family reads this.  Jason C.  He was cute back then….LOL.

First Enemy:  Bridgette Horton!  We used to fight all up and down our street from the age of 7 until 13.  After that I was much too cute to fight.  That heffa took my first real boyfriend from me too.  She was definitely a ho and was giving it up years before I even thought about.  


Last car ride:  Today.  My husband took me out to dinner or shall I say forced me out.

Last kiss:  Today.  My husband of course.

Last Movie Watched:  Mr. and Mrs. Smith – 4 Stars check it out

Last Beverage Drank:  Lemonade from Olgas

Last Phone Call:  My girl Raven.

Last Time Showed:  This Morning

Last CD listened to:  New Edition Greatest Hits.  My little niece Tootie gave it to me for Christmas


Last Website Visited:  I’m addicted

Single or Taken:  90% happily married.  I keeps it real…LOL

Gender: Female

Birthday:  Feb 7th.  Buy me something

Sign:  Aquarius

Hair color:  1B (weave folks know what I mean)

Siblings:  1 Sister, 2 brothers, 2 half sisters, 2 half brothers (Papa was a rolling stone)

Eye Color:   Dark Brown

Wearing:  Powder blue flannel PJs

Drinking:  Nothing, but I am thirsty

Thinking about:  Reading this book The Warmest December

Listening To:  The local news on TV

I tag my buddies AKG, TLC, and DalTee.

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