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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Maxing and Relaxing

Christmas wore me out! I'm tired than a $2 whore on the 1st of the month.

First off, I'm going to be fast and go shopping on Christmas Eve with my shopaholic girlfriend. I wasn't in the store for 10 minutes before I had to go back to the car and have a seat. I got tired just that fast. Later that night my cousin came over to give me a sew-in weave. I went ahead and spent money on the expensive hair this time. Cheap weave hair is the worst! It sheds everywhere, loses it luster, and then turns to straw on you. I love the Bohemian no cuticle stuff, it stays fabulous. You'll grow dreads waiting on this stuff to go bad. One day I go back to wear my own hair, but right now I'm having fun!

Christmas Day we had dinner at my in-laws. Since I no longer had the county braids in my hair, I wanted to look hot. My daughter gave me the cutest outfit for Christmas, so I decided to wear that and of course I had to put on some high heeled boots right? Well I shouldn't have....LOL. I was huffing and puffing trying to keep it together. At least I looked good. To top it off my husband insisted that I wear my Fox jacket that he got me for Christmas (that's right real fur, PETA can kiss my azz. I live in Detroit, we believe in wearing dead animals!) That thing has to wear 25lbs! I put it on and I could feel pain in my incision. I made him carry it. It was just too heavy. I have three weeks before I'm back to work. I've got to get myself together.

Yesterday and today I've been on my cat's schedule. More sleep than awake, he's loving it too, he likes to have someone to sleep with him. I can't shake this feeling of exhaustion that has come over me the last couple of days.

One good thing is my concentration is getting better. I've manage to read two books, "Leaving Cecil Street" 4 stars by Diane McKinney Whetston and "Genevieve" by Eric Jerome Dickey 2 stars. I also watched Mr. and Mrs. Smith 4 stars. I wonder what would have been made of the film if they used Black couples? Would there have been boycotts? If you have suggestions for books and movies let me know. Amazon is my best friend right now.

I've also been reading a ton of blogs. Check out Big Brother Daltee Almighty. He's new on the scene, but very enjoyable. We've been cyper pals for three years now and he's mad cool. It's night and I'm wide awake now, let me go check out the "scene" and see what's happening on the www.

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