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Friday, October 28, 2005

More Janet Jackson Gossip For All You Junkies

Thanks to my girl AKG (short for Arkansas Girl) for posting this tidbit in our Eurwebbers group. AKG knows she always has the good stuff! Y'all will be reading about this stuff tomorrow, but you saw it hear first!

Miss Jones (the DJ who had Younge Debarge on her show) was on Extralast night. She said she believes him and showed a pic of the girl.Apparently Jackie's daughter, Brandi (Siggy's sister, Renay) wasadopted by Jackie and his wife. Hmmm...make you think.

Well Young wasback on the show today and Mama Debarge called in. Here's what Ifound:well for those of you that cant tune it, basically Young was thereand sticking to his guns by his claim that there is a girl.According to Ms Jones, She consulted one of the Jackson Publicistswho by the way is Rebbies Kids Godmotherl, Ms Flo Anthony!

Now According to Jonsey, Before the media took the story and ran withit, Anthony told Jones that there's no way that Rebbie had any kidthat belonged to Janet, BUT Jackie and Enid Jackson ADOPTED a girlwho is about 20 now, and her name is Brandi!!!! Brandi Jackson ISJackie Jackson's daughter, but the question is: Is Brandi Adopted?and was her name once Renee? which was amongst some of the otherspeculation that her name was changed after the adoption.NOW after the media has dipped into the story, Flo called Jones backand told her it wasn't true and to leave thge girl alone!! (Myinstincts are telling me that her contacted Jones was an action totry to Hush the jock into not telling anymore of what she did know,because somewhere there IS some truth to the claims)Then Mama DeBarge Called in to the show to confirm that she DID takethe interview with The Daily News BUT it was a very old interview,that occured YEARS AGO!!! Why were the Daily News interviewing MamaDeBarge about this issue if the issue wasnt as serious as it is now?What does the newspaper know that can possibly motivate them to go tothe sources mom?

Later on everyone can log onto Hot 97's website to check out somephotos of Brandi and Young DeBarge to view the resemblance ofa "Jackson" and a "DeBarge"My Opinion, Brandi DOES look like she could be a DeBarge and I thinkthat what Young said WAS true or at least true to his knowledge. Howconvient it is for Jackie to adopt a girl that strikingly resembles aDeBarge AND a Jackson...But only time will tell, and much like Ms Jones Has said enoughpressure WILL crack that case.

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