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Thursday, October 27, 2005

Lisa Raye 39th Birthday Party Pics

I really can't comment on Lisa because Brat is distracting me with that damn bird nest on her head. She looks a hot damn mess. It's too bad too because I think she's a pretty girl. If she wants to make a comeback she has to do better, might I suggest the "Beyonce method", it's working for Mary J. One thing about Brat, she ripped it on the "I think dey like me" remix.

Now that I don't have to look at the brat, let's move on to Lisa. I like the outfit, but I'm not feeling it for a birthday party. A trip to the mall or dinner yes, but to your birthday party, uh no. She looks awesome though (I'm not going to say for 39 because I'm creeping up there myself).

Cool cake. Um daughter, mom would like something like that for her birthday....

I've never liked either one of them much. Tisha is looking old though with her big azz head.

I aint mad at Lisa, he's fine as hell! (All rich men are fine) Hurry and get him to the alter. One tidbit about him, he dated Omarosa first.

I see the dollar sign in her eyes. Maybe she'll do us all a favor and give up acting, cause lawd knows she's bad at it.

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