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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Ladies Night

All the good pics I'm coming across tonight belong to the ladies. Like my girl Maria would say "Where is all the menses"? I promise tomorrow unless their is breaking news there will be an all male review!

Rhianna is a strange looking child. Maybe because her 12 year old (yeah right) body hasn't grown into that BIG azz head of hers. I also think some bangs are in order too.

Not a good luck for an adolecent........

Alicia Keys Elle magazine shoot photo. She looks quite Becky'ish in this photo.

Beyonce looking golden at the grand opening of the Atlantic City 40/40 club. Her weave always looks a bit dry and nappy to me. Raven I think she need some African Pride!

I like Olivia, ok I like 50 (although he has been working my nerves lately) so Olivia get in by default. Her weaves are are tight though. I've never really heard her sing.....

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