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Thursday, October 27, 2005

BET 25th Birthday Celebration

Whew, putting up all these pictures have worn me out! It's going to be awhile since I do another picture show this big. Without further ado let's get to the pictures :
Ignore Bobby's mouth and concentrate on the awesome looking Whitney! She looks great.

I'm so happy for Whitney. She looks a lot like her cousin/mama Dionne Warwick.

Yolanda Adams is looking awesome as well and she definately passes the weave test. I might have to curl mine up like that.

There's nothing like a man with pretty teeth.....

Mr. Diddy, the inventor of "grown and sexy".
Anthony Anderson looking dapper.
Poor Mike, what's up with this cheap azz outfit he has on?
LL, you should have worn the whole suit brutha. You look good anyway.
Tommy Davidson looks like Huggy Bear's son to me.
Umph, Nelly looking grown and sexy as hell.
White is definately her color. I guess she's getting ready for that wedding.

I don't like this look on Mary, but if I had those abs, I'd show them too. Those boot are freakin hideous!
Usher, don't like him so I don't have much to say.
read above caption (I love some classic Snoop, Gin and Juice was the shyt!)
I'm sorry y'all but I love some Omarosa! No matter how she dresses up she still looks manly to me. She's going on about 60 minutes of fame.
Why do sistah's think he's hot? If you know let me know.
It's Bootsy baby!
I'm willing to bet Tamala Jones has had some work done. She reminds me of Trina on this picture.
Big Lez looking a big manly MESS!
Speaking of manly mess..... Shondrella (can't think of her last name). She has a huge mouth to me.
George Clinton baby!
"R. Kelly reporting to prison sir"
Bobby Brown lookin as good as it gets.
Kim Whitley
Shanice looking cute after the baby.
Melissa Ford is too cute and I hate her!
Cute dress too!

I like Vanessa Bell Calloway better with short hair, this makes her look old.
Damn, I think she tries hard to look bad. This is freakin horrible. (Sheryl Underwood)
The Smith's looking lovely.
I really hoped Hammer performed. He's the best showman in the business.

I thought Quinten Tarantino was dating Shar Jackson aka Britney's baby daddy baby mama? I guess He really does like brown sugar.

Tamala Jones and Daryl Mitchel (He got paralyzed in a motor cycle accident)

Ms. Keys doing her thing. One day I'm going to have abs like that......

Victoria Rowell

Smile Tempest, you look great girl. Strike a pose or something! Act like you're on the runway

Yeah baby, LL!!!!!!

Serena and Venus have the worst damn weaves!!!!! I need to refer them to my lil cousin. I also want them to stop designing and wearing their own clothes. Stick to tennis! Although I do like this pant suit Serena has on.

Method and Mary, I can't wait to hear this! Why does Mary always slump when she sing?

Queen this is not a dress for big girls. You've been looking a little homely lately time for a new stylist.

Nelly and Pall Walls. I want Nelly to get a little more defined on the muscles.

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