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Monday, February 27, 2006

Greetings From The Tampa Bay Area

What's up y'all?

I'm working in Florida all week. Right now I'm tired as hell, but I thought I would holla. I just got in from shopping and dinner. I actually purchased two pair of gym shoes. I NEVER buy gym shoes, because I'd rather spend my money on cute shoes or boots.

One thing that I want to do for my Floridian sistahs is to wash all that damn gel out of their hair. (I don't know where this came from....LOL)

Anywho, I half azzed packed. I didn't pack until 7:00am Sunday morning and my plane left at 10:00am. Here's a list of the things I forgot:

Trouser socks
Flat Irons
Lip liner
Mac Studio Fix
Short waist jean jacket
Chocolate Brown mules

Even though I forgot all this stuff, how is that I still have two suitcases? I'm always a HAM going through the airport. I have two rolling suitcases, my big azz rolling laptop bag, a carry on bag stuffed so tight I can put my purse in it and my purse. I really need to learn how to downsize when I travel.

My best friend called me "Captain Save A Ho" today. I'll post why on my next post or two, those who know me know why she called me that. I have a few post in the can, I just need to add pictures. I think my writers block is finally gone.

P.S. Why the fukk is it so cold here? I know it's only 19 degrees in Detroit, but can it at least break 70 degrees?


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