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Monday, December 05, 2005

I'm Crazy Y'all

I'm admitting it to the world! Yep, I'm psycho, nuts, schizo, bipolar and any other word you can use to describe a crazy person. Everytime it's time for me to do something that I have no control over I obsess and stress about to the point that's all I can do is obsess and stress about it. Well I can eat too, I NEVER lose my appetite! I'll give y'all an example. I have a fear of flying, which is an irrational fear by the way (Don't get mad at me that's what the psychiatrist said dammit!), but I do fly and it doesn't hinder my traveling. About a week before it's time to depart I'll start stressing about the flight to the point I'll give myself the BG (bubble guts) and maybe a panic attack too. Well multiply that and the anxiety I'm having over my surgery is 3000 times worst. I also haven't done one thing to prepare for the surgery. I haven't packed a bag, gone grocery shopping, not one darn thing. What I need is a joint and a drink, but since I can't do the first and I said I was going to stop doing the latter, I'll just sit here and do nothing for now. Maybe I can get a worthwhile post going on. I've been rambling and babbling the last few days.

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