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Sunday, November 27, 2005

I Really Hope Y'all

Appreciate this post!!! Blogger was acting a straight damn fool on me, but I preserved. It's getting late and enough of my bytchin and moanin.

The Williams sisters have jungle fever big time and aint damn thing wrong with it. If I could have Brad Pitt right now this very second I would be down with it. I still have dreams about his fine azz, but I digress. This post aint about my perverted dreams, it's about the Williams sisters.

Venus looks happy and content. This dude used to be her bodyguard so he definitely got a promotion.

I'm not for certain if this is Serena's man or not, but rumors says it is. She looks quite happy and at ease with him I'd say.

Yeah, it must be love he's carrying her pink bag for her.

The Diamond Princess and Little Weezy are really a couple huh? I'll try and get used to the idea. Trina actually looks cute in this picture and Lil Wayne just looks, um well....

Toni Braxton single the national anthem. I purchased her CD for$6 on Black Friday and I'm talking about her new one. I don't know why Toni fell off like she did. Was it because she got married and had babies? She still sings the same and look the same. Hell she even stripped down to almost nothing and the girl can't sell a CD for shyt. Why aint y'all buying Toni's CDs?

Y'all thought I was full of shyt when I said that Elise Neal should play Karrine Superhead Steffans. Look at this picture of her, on here they look like they could be twins. Bill Maher is in Black heaven stand between beauty and the freak and I'm not talking about my girl Halle.

Spike Lee and Rick Fox taking in a basketball game. Rick is definitely NOT fine. He reminds me of Herman the monster.

Why is Pretty Ricky taking a picture with Eddie Murphy?

Luda and Big Boi at a bowling fundraiser that took place on Thanksgiving in Atlanta. I don't know how they did it. Once my azz ate all I could do was roll over.

Lenny Kravitz and his very Lisa Bonet looking daughter, Zoe.

I didn't know they made those boots for men.

Kimora Lee and her beautiful daughters Ming Lee and Aoki Lee. I know a lot of y'all don't like Kimora, but I do. How can you hate the woman who bought us Baby Phat?

Uggghhh!!!! I just don't like Keisha Cole! She is definitely H.A.M.

I'm sure Jessica Simpson won't be lonely for too long now that her Nick have separated. I hope she knows Nick will not be single for too long because he is a cutie! I wonder if her career will fall off? I didn't know who she was until Newlyweds.

Monica and her new husband. I'm sleepy and I forgot his name, but dude has a weird azz mustache.

Monica and Chris Tucker at the Thanksgiving Bowl A Thon. I'm so glad that Chris signed on to do Rush Hour 3, but he might have to lose a couple. He looks a little chunky.
Brad could you be my daddy?

Little Zahara and Brad at the airport in Japan. How cute!

This picture of Bow Wow and Ciarra cracks me up. I wonder what he's thinking?

This should be my version of "Caption This Photo". On this picture you can tell exactly how much weight Star has lost. Wow!!

The commercialization of Baby Biggie has begun!! He's modeling Roca Wear and not Sean John though. I know that Biggie and Jay Z were friends, but I didn't think Puffy would pass up this cash cow. I wonder can he rap? Interesting....
Ashanti on the set her new video. More proof that love makes you fat and happy.
Ashanti and Paul Walls filming her video
Beyonce has the camera ready smile doesn't she. She can turn it on at a moments notice and it's always the same smile.
Taraji Henson was the last person on earth that I thought would take this picture. Not a good look girl!!! What does Common thing about this?

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