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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Gabrielle Union Birthday Party

Well after all the controversy Gabby finally had her birthday party earlier this month. She and her hair stylist Kyhia celebrated together. As you can see from the pictures it turned out to be quite the affair. Y'all know she aint my favorite person so let's get to it.

Gabby and soon to be ex-husband Chris Howard an what looks like an awkward embrace. Damn her edges are nappy.

Gabby posing with my girl Tamala Jones. I don't recognize the guy on the end.

Gabby looking nice and skanky in this pose.

Gabby and her hair stylist Kyhia. Why don't hairdresser comb their own heads?
I admit, this is a nice pic.
I might have the folks in this picture wrong. I know that's Essence Atkins in the red hat and Megan Goode in the bunny ears. I want to say that's Maia Campbell on the end, but I'm not sure. I know that she doesn't get along Megan.
I don't know who any of these woman are, but they look good and toasted by now.
Kyhia and some friends, I guess.

This is where it get's confusing for me. Why the fugg did they have female strippers at a woman's birthday party. I did hear rumors, but I'm not going to go there. Y'all already know.
Is that a woman tipping? Alrighty then!

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