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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Lady Sings The Blues

Yes ladies and gentlemen tonight is a feature night!! Tonight I'm honoring or bashing, whatever you want to call it, the ORIGINGAL diva Ms. Diana Ross. Diana was the first non-singing singer and paved the way for many other singers who can't really sing. Like who you say? Janet Jackson, Ashanti, Ciarra, to name a few. I've always like Diana because I can't sang either, but I can sing Endless Love or Muscles and sound good. Diana has also been inspiration to many drag queens including Michael Jackson. So I don't care how many titties she grab, arrest, or people she beat down, she'll always be my girl.

They released Lady Sings the Blues on DVD recently (let me go add to my Amazon Wish List) and of course Diana was there in all her early 80s glamour.

Those teeth Mr. Ross are not befitting of a Diva of your stature. I know you got money girl, you married a gazillionaire and he's dead too! Let's get crackin on the teeth whitening or at least purchase some Crest White Strips.

What a nice picture, the Diva and some of children. Ross is her oldest son and he's on the left, he's her son by the rich greek shippind dud. Then there's her daughter Chudney, who's Tracee Ellis full sister (can't you see the resemblence?), and on the end that's Evan little cute self who is Ross's full brother. Call me Evan if you need an "Auntie".

Ross, Chudney, and Evan
Chudney is a model. I don't particulary remember ever seeing her in anything. Hell I forgot she even existed. Diana sure made sure her daughters got those eyes, at least Chudney has nice legs.
I thought it was only fair that I showed Diana's other daughters. This is from the Essence Magazine shoot a years or so ago. Tracee and Diana looked awesome. I absolutely loved the spread of them two, it was very nice. I'm going to have to do something like that with my daughter.
And this is Diana's only all Black child Rhonda. Although she looks a lot like her mother, she didn't play her in the Tempation movie, she played somebody else. Diana walked her down the aisle on her wedding day. I wonder why her dadd Berry Gordy didn't do it?

I couldn't complete this thread without showing Diana with Berry Gordy. He really hasn't age much, except the gray hair. Do y'all remember when Billy Dee Williams was the SHYT? Well I don't! I'm much too young for that.....LOL

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