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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Since We're On The Subject (Sorta)

I got a few more tips for the clueless women out there. Here’s my tip on how not to get caught up with someone else’s man. Here’s how to ask the right questions to find out if the man is married or not. Questions 1-7 are from my girl Shadow. She’s one the smartest women I know, actually she comes from a group of the smartest women I know, the Eurwebbers. Shouts out to Renay, TLC, C10, AKG, Tonya, Cladia, and my big brutha DalTee. Let’s get back to the list I get teary eyed when I talk about my cyber family.

1) Are you married? It's either yes or no. Yes or no. There's no "Well...I'm in the process of..." No, you're either married or you’re not.
2) Do you have a girlfriend?
3) Is there anyone who thinks she's your girlfriend?
4) Are you in a committed relationship?
5) Is there anyone who thinks she's in a committed relationship withyou?
6) Do you have any kids?
7) Does the mother of your kids think that she's in a relationship with you?
8)Do you have a roommate, that think you’re more than roommates?
9) Are you gay or bisexual?
10) Is there anything that you think I should know about you and somebody else?
11) Can I call your house?

Type this up and make him sign it! LOL

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