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Sunday, November 27, 2005

Jackson Family Values

Let's face it, the Jacksons are Black royalty and we always want to see them come out on top.

Janet is still working it out and trying to shed those extra pounds. It looks like she's channeling her inner Justice by looking at those big braids. What would Tupac think?
Just for the record Janet it's hard to lose weight when you're happy and in love girl. Love makes you fat and that's a fact!

Michael Jackson took the family on a trip to London recently. MJ's nanny, Grace Rwarmba, is holding little Paris.

I see he still has The Nation guarding him.

Michael looks very old and decrepit. He's getting that crypt keeper look going on.

It looks like Mike is wearing a Kabbalah bracelet. I wonder how that is going to fly since he's been living in a Muslim country and Kabbalah is from the Jewish religion. Interesting.....

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