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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Something To Chew On

Shouts out to my Downtown Detroit Posse!!!!!!! I miss y'all so much!!!! At least I get to hang with a couple of the Hot Girls in Vegas this weekend. Are they ready for us? I don't think so!!! I probably won't be doing another picture post until I get back so I made this one kinda long. If I do post it will be some short ones.

I really miss Escape. I kinda grew up with them. We both stopped dressing like dudes at the same time and went grown and sexy. I hope they don't think I'm going trashy with them because that's what this look is. The new member Keisha look a hot mess.

What the hell were these people thinking making Lil Kim (Ms. I can swallow a squirt can) the poster child for abstinence? That's like using the Pope to support abortion. They are just wrong!

Is it me or is Pharell looking extremely feminine these days?

How cute! Usher and his little brother James. Remember when James punk'd Usher? That was some funny shyt. I hear he's a great producer. He is a little cutie.

I don't get it TI. Why is he dressed to the nines and she's ghetto fabulous?
I love Serena so don't get mad at me when I ask this question. Don't she look like Terrell Owens in Drag in this picture? Look at those guns. (Sorry Roger)
Raven Simone looking way older than what she is. She also needs some blotting papers or powder. She's quite shiny. I wonder if she's still starring in the Dreamgirls movie?
I think Remy Remi or however you spell it has mad flow, I just hate her hair. Remember those Tina Turner dolls back in the day? You could make the blonde or brunette by turning their scalp around. She reminds me of one of them.

What's with that damn scarf around his neck? He is not Pimpin......
Dayum Nelly is growing up nicely.
I don't care what y'all say about Kimora, she's my girl! I just got myself a pair of Baby Phat jeans tonight.
Patty! Tina! Chaka! Aretha! Somebody help this aging diva. Diana Ross looks a hot fuggin mess. It's so sad to see her like this. I'm a closet Diana fan and she's turning me upside down with this look. BTW where the hell are her sons? Are they 18 yet?

Traci/Joan get your Mama girl!!!
Are you jealous Renay?
Tyra looks like the chameleon lady from X-Men Mystique (I just got my dumb azz up and looked at the DVD when I could have googled it.)
I guess Tyra doesn't give a damn because once she puts on her wig and war paint and she's freaking beautiful.
Halle Berry's nemesis. I guess Eric is growing his dreads back. I'm not an Angela Bassett fan so I'll just move along.
Nia looking lovely. I love the short hair on her. I can't tell what magazine that is in back of her, but that's her on the cover.
Olivia getting her hair "did"
Humph! My little cousin could have gave her an awesome hump for a fraction of the price.
The other woman in 50s life.

This is Egypt from that show Home Delivery. That was the most dramatic piece of garbage I've ever seen. I would almost pee on myself laughing at her azz. I'm glad it got cancelled cause it was AWFUL!

Salt N Pepa looking good. Spinderella doesn't though. She looks like she let herself go. I guess she wasn't too made she didn't get none of that 5 Million they got before they split.

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