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Friday, November 04, 2005

Get Rich Or Die Trying Premier

Now y'all know I luvs me some GUnit as long as Young Buck is a member. The day he leaves it's over for me. I grabbed up some cool pics of the "real" premier. Let's check em out.....
Let's start out with GGGUUUNNNITTT. Young Buck is looking like Hot Chocolate on a cold winter's day. Tony Yayo looks awful, let's hope it's a bad picture.

Terri Vaughn is getting around a lot these days. Ol' girl must be trying to find a new gig since they booted her off All Of Us. I aint mad though. Gauchos is the thing for this winter, get yourself a pair.

I used to love me some Terrance Howard. The love got lost when I saw his wife and after his Katrina comments. I think a lot of sistah's have kicked him to the curb.

Snoop and the Mrs. have been hanging tough lately. Go head on family man. BTW Snoop, your boy Tookie can fry. He's responsible for the death of a lot of bruthas.......

Shondrella. I don't have nothing to say about her today. Do your thang girl....

Is it me or does Serena lack class? Something is missing from this girl.

I know she doesn't have a sense of style. She has such an amazing body (no homo) you think she would get a decent stylist besides herself.

Regina is such a classy lady. I'm loving the tall boots. I'm glad she's working steadily too. I can't wait to watch the Boondocks, you know she's voices Riley and Huey.

Q and Blonde lady.

I don't know why folk are always hating on Olivia, I think she's cute especially since she's toned down the eyebrows.

Why does it always look like Naom's wig is on crooked?

I love this man's smile!

Awww, Brandy's little TV brother all grown up now.

I like Malinda, but I don't like the gear and I really don't like the headband thingy. She knew her baby daddy was gonna be there, she was suppose to come harder than this.

I really think changing the arch helped her look a lot. Peep Lloyd Banks in the back.

50 and Marc John Jeffries, who plays little 50 in the movie. He still looks like he did as a baby in Losing Isiah.

Joy Bryant looks awesome. I think she's the next Halle.

0ennifer Freeman aka Claudia #2 from my wife and kids. Remember when dark-skinned Claudia went upstairs and then this one came down?

Joy is so regal and elegant.

This is some Black love for you people. The Peete family. Why do football player let themselves go after the stop playing and get big as heck? I hope this doesn't happen to my babby daddy TO!

I really wish Bishop Don Juan go the fugg away and never come back! That's Nick Cannon in the background.

I hope Ebony doesn't become the next Omarosa. The ANTM reject still can't take a picture. Go to school and get a good education girl while you're still young!

Elise, kill the weave and cut the hair short again girl. The weave look is not for you.

50 and his GUNIT posse.

F. Gary Gray, I'm so proud of this brutha.

50 always looked worried doesn't he?

He's a troubled man for sure.

Is that a crush velvet jacket he's wearing?

Yep, they fugged. I can tell by the body language.

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