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Monday, November 07, 2005

Did You Know?

Excuse the extra long post, but it makes good reading when you have nothing else to do.  Sorry about it being jumbled, I’m too lazy today to format it. Most of the stuff here is true and I haven't read anything that was false, let me know if you do:

Biggie has 3 daughters and a son... one of his his daughters is from an old girlfriend from brooklyn named Jan...another daughter is from this woman he was wit right before he died and that daughter won't kno who her father was cuz the mom doesn't wanna make a big deal over it since biggie is dead...i dont kno much about the other daughter...and... the boy is from his former wife Faith Evans...Shawn Stockman from boys to men got married on michael jacksons neverland ranchYoung Buck of G-Unit has a album out already....b4 UTP he made a album with some kid named D-Tay...this was like 2000Biggie isn't from NY. His mom didn't move to the BK til he was 8. He was born in Jamaica In SWV "Be Right There" Pharell was the person doing background vocals saying "S....W....V"Mos Def was an actor before he became a rapper starring in "The Cosby Mysteries" which played in 1994.The Ying Yang thing is from XXL... one of them is missing 3 fingers and 3 toes and the other is bow leggedSuge Knight played in the NFL i think during a lock out season when they needed replacements or somethin...Shyne doesnt try to sound like biggie, he was just shot in the chest and it amplified his speechJuelz Santana has a lazy eyeLil' Kim & Faith Evans saw each other outside a radio station in NY. Kim's people started talkin shyt to Faith's people and Kim ended up gettin her ass beatJay-Z had to breakup a fight between Foxy Brown and Lil' Kim at a hotel in VirginiaEminem is NOT from the city of Detroit, he is from WARREND'Angelo and Angie Stone have a child togetherUsher once dated Monica and rumored to date Brandy briefly.-Did you know that one of the most underrated artists Nivea was nominated for a Grammy back in 2003.-Did you know that Usher's brother James is an upcoming producer and songwriter- Did you know that Usher and Raven Symone both attended North Springs High School in Atlanta, GAAlicia Keys' middle name is 'Joseph' her name is: Alicia Joseph Augello CookTLC originally started out with Tionne (T-Boz), Lisa (Left Eye) and Crystal. Crystal was kicked out of the group and song replaced by dancer Rozanda and she was given the name ChilliKanye's whole name is: Kanye Omari WestAnd Murphy Lee's name is: Tohri HarperMonica's stepdad is Ludacris's uncle? Which makes them related by marriage.- Did you know that Free and Vanessa Williams from Soul Food The Series are cousins?-Did you know that Left Eye's mom is married to T-Boz's uncle? Which makes T-Boz and Left Eye connected by marriageDid you know that Faith Evans has a daughter by producer Kiyamma Griffin(wen he was 16)

Whitney Houston try out for the Cosby show to play Sondra but she didnt get the part Singer Deniece Williams ( She Sung "silly" And " It's Gonna Take A Miracle"). Is The Mother Of R & B Producer Jazze Pha.Did you know P. Diddy was in Finesse and Synquis video (1990) "Straight from the Soul?" It can be seen on
Did you know that the rapper/singer Smooth was known as MC Smooth?

Her video "Where Is The Money" (when she was known as MC Smooth) could be found on
Did you know that Dru Hill was called The Legacy before calling themselves Dru Hill?
Did you know that Vivica Fox was suppose to play in the sitcom called "Living Dolls" (A spinoff of "Who's The Boss") but the script was rewritten and recast with Halle Berry?
Did you know that MC Trouble (RIP) has a sister who performed under Nikki Kixx? Her video "What U Do 2 Me" can be found on
Did you know Al B. Sure discovered a group called The Gyrlz (either late 80s or early 90s) and supposedly two of the members of the group (Terri & Monica) formed their own groupTina Knowles real name is Celestine Beyince KnowlesDid you know that Free is a certified computer engineer?Did you know Keyshia Cole knew Tupac personally and almost collaborated with him, but he passed away before they got the chance?Did you know that Cee-Lo wrote "Don't Cha" by the Pussycat Dolls?Did you know that T.I. has 4 kidsWhen Jada Pinkett met Will Smith, she had just gotten out of a long term, serious relationship with Grant Hill?Did you know that Teedra Moses wrote Christina Milian's song "Dip It Low"?
Did you know that Adina Howard dated Joe Torry back then?
Did you know that Angie Martinez and Q-Tip dated before?
Did you know that Shabba Ranks real name is Rexton Rawlston Fernando Gordon?
Did you know that Salt-N-Pepa met while they were working at a Sears store in Queens, New York? They also met Hurby Azor who produced them.Did you know that the rapper Ahmad "Back In The Day" is has been a gospel rapper?
Did you know that Lefteye dated Keith Sweat before?
Did you know that Sam Salter supposedly dated Sole before getting with Ginuwine?Did you know that Michael Jordan had/has a mistress in Sacramento, bought her a house in Laguna (Elk Grove) and used to stay there when he played in Cali?Did you know that Truth Hurts was in "The Wash" before singing "Addictive"?
Also did you know that Truth Hurts was in a group called Shug and Dap before acting & singing?
Did you know that Miss Jones, Kelis, Diahann Carroll, Omar Epps, Marlon Wayans, Adrian Brody, Monifah, Jackee Harry, and others to name attending LaGuardia High School in New York?Did you know that Shaquille O'Neal and Bill Bellamy are cousins?

Did you know Kim Porter was a receptionist at Uptown MCA and mothered Al B. Sure's son (Quincy), was a "really good friend" of Devante, appeared as his love interest in "Feenin'Kci cheated on Mary with LeLe (SWV)Chili and Toni Braxton couldn't stand eachother at one pointTweet was in a group called Suga (of Da Basement crew aka Devante's project)KeKe Wyatt was an original member of one of Destiny's Child first groups.Micha Paris recorded "You put a move on my heart" later sang by TamiaLuther Vandross and Brandy are related by Marriage.Blu Cantrell used to sing backup for Faith EvansAshanti sang back up on JLo's "I'm real" remix with Ja RuleChristina Milian sang back up and wrote "PLay" for JLoKCi and JoJo sang backup on Ralph Tresvant's first solo CDMonica Arnold and Keisha from Total are supposedly cousinsDid u know that Rashaad Haughton ( Aaliyahs Bro) once dated NicoleRichie?Do u know that J-Bo from the group Youngbloodz is Andre 3000's cousin?Vivian Green is not cousins with Tye Tribbet and that she used to date his brother, that’s man she is talking in her songs and when she says she was in a really bad relationship for 3 years.

Toni Braxton breast implants never exploded, her implant began to leak
Tamar Braxton is the girl Robert Smith cheated on Brandy.

Xscape has never received a royalty check
Trey Songs wrote songs for SWV "Release Some Tension" album
Barry Hankerson used to manage Toni Braxton that’s why he signed her to Blackground a week after she left Arista.
Vivian Green wrote 5 songs for Toni Braxton new album but Toni turned down 4 of them and three of them made Vivian new album "Vivian" (Cursed, Perfect Decision, and Frustrated) and "Emergency" was left off Vivian album but leaked.
Brandy brother Ray J used to be a BLOOD GANG MEMBER.
Ciara was an extra in the group "ATL" video "Calling All Girls" in 2002

Keyshia Cole got breast implants.
Yasmen was on UPN "Half &Half" as a contestant on the season finale of the 2005 season.

Maya Rudolf of SNL is Mini Riperton daughter
Amerie is 25 not 27 like some published reports may say (1/11/1980)
Brandy didnt want "Talk About Our Love" and "Who Is She 2 U" to be on the album nor to be singles half of the songs on "Afrodisiac" Brandy opposed.

Toni Braxton new album "Libra" came out Sep. 13, 2005

Did you know Kim Porter was a receptionist at Uptown MCA and mothered Al B. Sure's son (Quincy), was a "really good friend" of Devante, appeared as his love interest in "Feenin'Kci cheated on Mary with LeLe (SWV)Chili and Toni Braxton couldn't stand eachother at one pointTweet was in a group called Suga (of Da Basement crew aka Devante's project)KeKe Wyatt was an original member of one of Destiny's Child first groups.Micha Paris recorded "You put a move on my heart" later sang by TamiaLuther Vandross and Brandy are related by Marriage.Blu Cantrell used to sing backup for Faith EvansAshanti sang back up on JLo's "I'm real" remix with Ja Rule
That Judy from "Family Matters" is a porn star?
That Bobby Valentino and Keisha Knight-Pulliam were both students of Dr. Tiy-E from "Gilligan's Island"?
That Monica was semi-paralyzed for a month due to a rare heart disease?
That Wayans from "A Low Down Dirty Shame" died of AIDS before the movie opened?Did you know that Treach is the godfather of rapper Malicious Jinx's son?
Did you know that Aaliyah auditioned to be on "Family Matters?"
Did you know that Aaliyah was considered to be in "Charlie's Angels," "Get Over It,"
Did you know that Toni's Braxton's husband, Keri Lewis, was not originally going to be in her video "He Wasn't Man Enough"......actually he was supposedly replaced because the other guy that was going to be in the video reminded Robin Givens of her ex-husband....Mike Tyson?Did you know that David Hasselhoff who played in Baywatch was suppose to release a rap album produced by Ice T?Did you know that Rodney King was supposed to come out with a rap album as well?
Did you know that Stephanie (member from MoKenStef) is related to rapper Ms. Toi (they are cousins)?
Did you know that Shemar Moore previously dated both Toni Braxton and Halle Berry?
Did you know comedienne Sommore and Nia Long are stepsisters?I NEVER SEE THESE 2 TOGETHER R. Kelly's middle name is Sylvester
Usher dated Ben Vereen's daughter Karon, which would not make him Usher's Godfather
Mase called Puffy a drag queen on 106th and park
DMX called young Jeezy, young cheesy on 106th and park
Jay-z was almost a father, when his ex girlfriend Fannie became pregnant
R. Kelly AND DAMON DASH ARE known alcoholics
Pretty Ricky really aren’t brothers like they say they are
Ciara's middle name is Princess
Usher's middle name is Terrance

Did you know that Barry White's brother led a life of crime and was killed? Barry was a thief too but he wanted out of the ghetto.--Did you know that Leon Isaac Kennedy (Jayne's ex-husband) saved Smokey Robinson's life when he was heavily into drugs--Did you know that Apollonia (Prince) & Pebbles are now evangelists?--Did you know that there were rumors that David Ruffin abused Tammy Terrell, causing her to die from brain tumors and his children threatened to sue the producers of mini-series, The Temptations, so they cut that part out in the beginning of the movie?--Did you know that Diana Ross dated Marvin Gaye, Smokey Robinson and Berry Gordy? Mary Wilson dated Tom Jones for years?1. vin diesel's real name is mark vincent2. he is biracial or multiracial, take your pick,(he's italian, black, german,dominican, and some other things to ha ha)3. he wrote, directed, and stared in two of his own movies that he made with his own money.4. he was a bouncer in NYC for 9 years5. Steven speilburg saw one of his movies, which made it all the way to the caanes film festival and wrote a part for him in saving private ryan6. vin has been acting since age 77. he was one of the excuative producers for xxx8. he actually rapps9. vin diesel is a twinn, he has a twinn brother named paul10.he was the voice of the giant in the iron giant.Did you know Left Eye dated Tupac
Robin Givens dated Bratt PittDALVIN use to beat T-Boz azz.
Faith Evans use to sing back-up for Al B.SureLeft Eye and Jermaine Dupri use to kick it way before T.LC.
Little Richie(little boy that was on family matter)now is on "The Young & The Restless"Nia Long use to play on "The Guiding Light" before she started doing moviesLisa Ray played the pregnant teenage girl in Tupac's "Brenda's Got A Baby"video
The girl that played Theo's girlfriend in the "Cosby Show & played Urkel's girlfriend in "Family Matters" passed away ...she also had a role on 'The Young & The Restless.Neal from "The Young &The Restless got his azz kicked by his ex-wife who is a professional boxer 12)Nicole Richie is related to Shelia E.HER REAL DAD IS HIS SISTER OR SOMETHING Vicca Fox use to be on a soap called"Loving"..before she was a household name
Keyshia Cole was a back-up singer for M.C.Hammer..when he was hammer time

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