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Friday, November 04, 2005

Misc Misc Misc

These are misc. pictures I had sitting around. Let's take a lookey.....

I guess the rumors of Denzel's marriage demise is premature. Here's him and his wife Pauletta enjoying a basketball game. I guess the "real" story is why the hell does she have on the plastic azz pants with those boots and what the hell is wrong with her hair?

Sheryl Swoops and her lover.

I'm a witness that love makes you fat and happy. Janet is definately in love. I did hear that she's beefing up for a movie role in which she plays a fat actress although I didn't see anything listed on IMDB for it.

I saw this picture a few days ago, but it was just Eddie and the woman, I can't remember where. The site was questioning was this the woman Eddie left his wife for. Well that site missed the money shot. This one has Johnny in it and they're quite close. I don't know how old this photo is, but it's new to me. The woman looks like she's just there as a "skirt".

This picture of KiToi is for my husband.

Nelly and Ashanti arriving at his birthday party. The are incredibly cute together. There is nothing like Black love folks.

Tyra Banks as a 350lb woman. She said she was "shocked" at how the world treats fat people. Tyra will do anthing for ratings. Also next week she will be getting treatment for the cellulite on her butt. She is too funny!

I'm really proud of Alicia Key's sense of style lately. You go girl!

Alicia and her man Krucial(sp). Black love again ahhhhh......

Kanye and Ameria. Pretty girl in an ugly dress.

Ashanti at her Nelly's party. It must have been a casual affair and aint nothing wrong with that. That's a tall drink she has there too.

Amerie and her sister, they look a lot alike too.

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