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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Little Tevin Campbell

Ok I just want y'all to know I just didn't go diggin for stuff on Tevin. It all started when Renay sent me this picture of Al B. Sure, KC, and Tevin. Al is getting kinda old, KC is a doped up mess all the time, but "Little Tevin"? I had to see WTF was wrong with him so I started digging. We all knew Tevin was gay and that's cool, but it's who his lover is that's good tea. He's in a long term relationship with Rahsaan Patterson! I have a friend who adores him, oh well. According to Wikepedia they collaborate together. Why the hell do Tevin look so damn bad? He's still a young dude he' s only 27! By him being gay and young he should be fine and fly as hell! The bois need to pull his darn card cause he's a hot mess!

Rahsaan Patterson

This is the Tevin Campbell I remember.........

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