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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Back In The Day

I'm back y'all. Let's take it back in this post. Big shout out and thanks to my country cus Tonya aka labtecc who hooked me up with the pics. Some I know some I don't. If you know let me know. Without further ado!

I seriously miss these sistahs here. Escape was the bomb back in the day. This picture was when they first came on the scene, they got a little class and better weaves in the end. One of them is an accomplished song writer, one a minister nows, and Tiny the one with the big beak on the end is TI's baby mama.

TLC was the shitnicks back in the day. "Aint To Proud To Beg" was the jam. T-Boz and Chili still look the same. RIP Left Eye.

Ah yes Salt N Pepa and Spinderella. All in all these ladies are aging nicely. I have to find that tape of "Push It" I made back in the day.

This mystery as been solved. This is R Kelly and Public Announcement or was it just Public Announcement then? Thanks Renay!
The face is familiar, but who the hell is this too?

Oaktown 357 baby! Who the hell is the chick in the middle? I thought it was just two of them? I can still break it down with "Juicy" come on. "Juicey gotcha crazy....."
Nuccas With Attitudes!!!!!! NWA for you slow folks. I love them boys. Easy E was my favorite out the group. I purchased his tape at least 10 times. I hear they are working on Lil Easy E CD. It'll be nice to see them back together.
AHHHHHH!!!!!!! MY FAVORITE GROUP OF ALL TIME!!! NEW EDITION!!!! WHAT! WHAT! Ronnie, Bobby, Ricky, Ralph, and Mike. I always like Ronnie because I felt sorry for him, he never got a solor. Did y'all see these boys on BET 25? I was crying like a baby. I remember when I first sawthem in concert I couldn't get over how skinny they were.

It's the Fugees Boo. I hear their new shyt is hot to def! I can't wait to hear.
Ahhh Look at JD and with his Care Free curl. Did y'all know he used to be a backup dancer for Whodini when they were on the Fresh Fest? Y'all don't know nothing about the Fresh Fest...
Heavy D and the Boys. Y'all seen Heavy lately? He's on the cover of this week's Jet. He's Skinny D now.
Thanks Raven! This is Monie Love. I always thought she was prettier than this. She looks a little butch on this picture.
He's the DJ I'm the Rapper. It's DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince aka Will Smith. I have a picture with Jazzy Jeff I took at a party. I'll have to post it for y'all.
BBD! Any you know this man!!! Never trust a big ( )( ) and :=)
Yes it's Common. Not only did he lose his style, he also lost weight when he was with the crazy woman.
Awww Little Brandy. Life was so simple then wasn't it Brandy?
Back when Mary was straight buck wild. I loved her then....LOL.
Give em the gas face MC Serch!

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