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Monday, October 31, 2005

50's Get Rich or Die Trying VIP Premier

I'm a little upset because Young Buck sexy azz aint in none of these pictures, but I'll post them anyway for the 50 fans.

Usher "I'm over exposed" Raymond and 50. Why do they have on so many clothes. I wonder if it's cold in the theater?

There's a lot of money and power in this picture Jay-Z and Russell Simmons (They have on coats too).

Naomi and 50. I'm really not feeling that color on her. For some reason I think they'd make a good couple. What y'all think? She's crazy and he's ingnant...LOL

It's Diddy baby!

50 and Gary Sheffield

I wonder what he's thinking about?

Gary and his wife Deleon (she was the one getting freaky on film with R. Kelly back in the day, she was also a gospel singer).

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