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Saturday, October 29, 2005

Some Stray Pics

I've got to get my mind off Brad, so let me post some stray pics I have. I need to clean up all these pics off my hard drive because I've promised some folks some post. If you have a request let me know. Also don't be afraid to post comments. I love feedback, good or bad.

Karrine "Superhead" Steffans still chasing dough huh? I thought she was so rich with this multi-million dollar book deal she has so why is she spreading her azz all over smooth then? I must say, ole girl has technique though. You had to see the video of her and Mr. Marcus and you'll know what I'm talking 'bout!

Young Jeezy deadbeat dad azz performing at Howard's homecoming.

Remember Six from Blosso? I can't think of her name on the Parkers, but her real name is Jenna Van Oy, this girl needs some work cause she's two steps from the pole.
Choppa, Young City, dirty boy, whatever his name is performing at Howard's Homecoming.
Mike Tyson and some dumb azz woman. He's broke, crazy, a woman beater, why the fugg would anybody want to be bothered?

Keisha Knight Pulliam. Here's a little career advise for Keisha, stay out of rap videos! Russell Simmons, unknown white dude and Nikki D. . Remember her? "Daddy's Little Girl"? She was the first female rapper on Def Jam. When they found her she was homeless and living on the streets, I think she still works for Russell.
This is from B's Vanity Fair shoot. That's how a weave posed to look B!

Another shot from B's Vanity Fair shoot. Why stars have to carry around a mutt with them everywhere they go? I aint hating though, I wish I could take Moe places.....LOL.

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