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Saturday, October 29, 2005

I Must Confess......

I'm in luv with Brad Pitt! I always thought he was cute, but last week I had a dream about him and I didn't won't to wake up and then last night I had another one...WTF??? Ok Renay, I know he's your man so did get mad at me, but he's chasing me in my sleep okkkkaaayyy? Anywho, I decided to watch Troy today and DAAAYYYYUUUMMM I'm sitting here mesmorized, the last man to get me excited like that was Brian P. and that's his job....LOL. I kept pausing on the part we he was almost, this is one hot freakin white boy that can definately get it! I was panting like a dog the whole time watching this movie. Let me put it on again.........

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