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Monday, October 24, 2005

Slow Day

It's a slow day for gossip. The only thing circulating is Britney's stolen baby pictures and we don't give a rats hairy azz about that, right?

They are talking about JJ and her daughter, but that's old news to us too. If there is a daughter, she has got be beautiful! You know those Debarges got that good hair and Janet was a very petty girl.

Oh yeah, Cam'ron got shot, but he's alright and talking shyt again. Where was his security? Why was he leaving a club by himself getting into a Lamborghini(sp)? Something just don't seem right about this story. Don't he have a CD dropping soon? Publicity perhaps?

Avant is cross-eyed. I don't like him, don't ask me why. He need some lotion too, he looks ashy.

Why the hell is that Laffy Taffy song #2 on the 106 and Park countdown?

Why am I watching 106 and Park?

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