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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Random Thought In My Head

When will Hoopz 15 minutes of fame be up? She has to be on at least minute 14. I know how those "Z" list celebrities like to google themselves to see what people are saying about them, so Hoopz if you're reading this *POOF BE GONE BYTCH!* and take the rest of those nasty bytches with you. You kissed Flav nasty mush mouth looking azz, so you get no respect.

Is "Love Inc." and "Cutz" sucks azz. Those shows are second only to Homeboys in Outer Space for awful Black sitcoms. Holly Robinson-Peete can not act. My five year old niece can read a script better than her! (Damn I'm a bitter bytch tonight...LOL)

Grillz are disgusting. I don't care how man diamonds are in them.

I know satin isn't in right now, but damn I love that fabric! Fawk everyone who laughs at me when I rock my satin shirts.

Why is it that muthasuckas up under you always think they can do it better than you. Bytch if you could you would be where I'm at, so get in line!

Can someone explain what the hell in "Immigrant Rights" when it pertains to illegal aliens? You're fawkin illegal, you have no rights in this country. Your rights are south of the border. Also stop comparing your struggle to that of Blacks, it's no comparison. NAACP, shut the fawk up on this issue and tend to your own fawked up house.

Why isn't there major protest about the cost of gas? Exxon is now the richest company in the world, surpassing Walmart.

When did creases in your pants go out of style and why didn't anyone tell me?

Proof died a very dishonerable death. I don't feel sorry for him. He was trying to take a life and got his own snatched. I feel sorry for him children, knowing that their father died trying to kill a man. I feel sorry for his mother and even his friends. The man who killed him did so defending the life of his family and I hope he will not be charged because there is not one of us that wouldn't have done the same thing. I hope they don't make a hero out of him because he aint one.

Mary J. Blige irks the hell out of me. Go away Mary! Why is she digging up former drama with K-Ci? No one cares Mary.

My husband is an awesome back scratcher!

Why do most southern rappers look like they stank?

I was going to add pictures, but I don't feel like it.

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